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Remember those old guys Ed and Frank from the Bartles and Jaymes commercials? This is a killer ad that ran in the 80s for Bartles and Jaymes making a great topping for ice…hilarious! Thank you for your support! I do have permission to post this… Shared by : bai On: Wednesday, April 18, 2007 Tags:   post   Wine   Commercials   apple   Ice   Remember   berry   thank   Exotic   Natural   passion   baseball   hilarious   strawberry   support   Fuzzy   Blackberry   Winery   flavor   mango   Margarita   alcohol   melon   beverage   Ran   cooler   permission   splash   malt   hawaiian   tropical   topping   drink   frank   Jaymes   navel   pinda   colada   Adult   making   Blue   Bartles   retro   Great   killer   daiquiri   guys   Old

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Grouper Video on: Baseball

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