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  1. Been waiting for this one.

    Week 1, Bills: Win (1-0)
    Week 2, @ Browns: Win (2-0)
    Week 3, @ Jaguars: Loss (2-1)
    Week 4, Raiders: Win (3-1) I think they're gonna give us a real scare though.
    Week 5, Redskins: Win (4-1)
    Week 6, @ Giants: Loss (4-2)
    Week 7, @ Jets: Win (5-2) Very close, low-scoring game
    Week 8, Bye Week
    Week 9, Steelers: Win (6-2)
    Week 10, Browns: Win (7-2)
    Week 11, @ Cowboys: Win (8-2)
    Week 12, Bengals: Win (9-2) I say the losing streak vs the Bengals ends here.
    Week 13, Dolphins: Win (10-2)
    Week 14, @ Patriots: Loss (10-3) But should they meet again in the playoffs, …
    Week 15, Eagles: Win (11-3)
    Week 16, @ Steelers (Christmas Day): Win (12-3) I'm not exactly confident here.
    Week 17, @ Bengals: Loss (12-4)
    2nd in the AFC North, #5 seed in the playoffs.

    Yes, the Ravens are my team. 12 wins is the ABSOLUTE maximum I'll give them. But with all the vets coming back from injury, plus the new bloods coming in, I see no reason this team can't bounce back this year, possibly in a big way. With that said, Go Ravens!

  2. So we're only 1 game better than last season where our 4 best players got injured and we only got blown out twice?

  3. As expected. I'd rather have the NFL sleep on the Ravens than a bunch of people taking them to win the Super Bowl, like last year. Pittsburgh is grossly overrated, especially being that their secondary is WORSE than the Ravens, by far. Bengals lost quite a few key players, but them being projected lower than Pittsburgh is a JOKE as well. I'm willing to bet that aside from Cleveland, these projections for the north aren't even close.

  4. what! 6-10? are u kidding me?!
    my thought is true, the NFL hates the ravens. they mock ravens? uh uh!
    my predictions is 10-6 or 11-5.


  5. I'd like to know how they got 6-10 as the prediction. The Ravens are an objectively better team right now since so many players are healthy. Suggs back with the addition of Weddle and a healthy Jimmy Smith this defense should be pretty darn good. Healthy Flacco with a WR corps that fits exactly what he does best, throw that deep ball, so much speed at the WR position. Looking at the schedule Ravens should go at least 3-3 in the division (AFC North division games are always tough and the Bengals can't keep winning on a last minute pass to AJ Green, that luck has to run out at some point) and all of the non-division games are winnable, 8-8 is probably the absolute worst (unless of course the injury bug strikes again) with my prediction being 10-6. I mean, the least NFL YT could do is include a schedule of W/L to go with these predictions.

  6. from a Charger fan… i really hope Ravens go to the Superbowl, hoping Weddle gets what he deserves. also, that "safety hole" disrespectful considering they mentiones Weddle being an improvement

  7. Everyone's sleeping on the Ravens. Key fact to end any counter argument: last year they had 20 players on IR. Any team with that amount of injuries is gonna struggle. I'm predicting 10-6. All we really need is another elite secondary player (preferably a corner) to help Jimmy Smith.

  8. Why do people always count us out man we beat the steelers with half our team injured for crying out loud wtf tired of the hate we get

  9. 6-10, with the 13th easiest schedule, nfl are you high, we are definitely, going to be at 10 wins this year for sure,

  10. Browns twice, Dolphins, weak NFC east and they play the steelers and bengals tough no matter what. That's al least 9 or 10 wins

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