10 Foods To Get Rid of Belly Fats

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There is a saying, “You are what you eat!”

We eat mostly three times a day to nourish our body. Eating makes people happy.

But why food is to be blame for the weight gain, those muffin tops and belly fats. Have you ever feel regrets after eating?

The real question is, are we eating the right foods? Do you feel good about eating and still have a flat abs?

What causes those belly fats?

Belly Fats are excess calories turned into fats stored in the belly. Caused by wrong choices of foods like junk, oily and processed.

Wanting to get rid of these bulge or fats is not only for vanity sake as what the trend says. But also, to protect our organs inside healthy and not surrounded by these nasty fats.

Here are some superfoods to help us get rid of belly fats:

  1. Almonds – it contains significant amount of proteins and fiber which helps burning belly fats. Consume an ounce or 20 pieces for snack time.
  2. Oatmeal – is a whole grain full of good carbs and fibers which promotes better metabolism preventing belly bulge. Take one small bowl of oatmeal for breakfast with low fat milk and any fruits you desire.
  3. Broccoli – is packed with good amount of calcium and vitamins effective to boost metabolism. Have this vegetable on your daily meal as side dish or snack, boiled or steamed.
  4. Celery – eating this help cleanse your system. Eat this as a snack, add it on your soup or salad.
  5. Cucumbers – it is a low calorie food, like celery this also help cleanse your body. This is a good additional ingredient on your daily lemon water or salad.
  6. Tomatoes – it has minerals that can control body fats. Put this on you salad, soup or just eat it raw will be fine.
  7. Avocado – this is rich in good fats that helps burns belly fats. Why not make a guacamole, add this on your sandwich or salad.
  8. Pineapple – this fruit is very rich in vitamins and fiber promotes a healthier metabolism and fat burning. Add this on your fruits shake or just eat it raw much better.
  9. Pears – are low-calorie fruit that are high in fiber. Eat one a day for snack.
  10. Apple – one of this fruit a day drives a doctor away. True enough it will also drives belly fats away as it is high in dietary fibers and beta-carotene which helps proper digestion and making you feel full to prevent yourself from overeating. Have an apple for snack time.

Try to eat most of these foods or any that are low in calories, rich in fiber, calcium and vitamins as often as you can to prevent from having a big tummy

Enjoy losing those belly fats, eat good, look good, feel good!


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