Tips and Benefits of Running that Makes You Gorgeous

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This is the time of the year where we should be out and running.

There is the perfect weather and moment to get into shape before holidays.

We all know running is a very effective and easy form of exercise.

How far can you run? Are you a jogger or a consistent runner?

With running it all depends on your goal and capability how far you can go. Try to set realistic goal, start from at least a mile or two on your first day, be consistent doing it two to four times a week and soon beat your own record by increasing miles as you go each day.

Jogging or running either way both are beneficial for health, as the only difference between the two is the pace where joggers going at a pace slower than runners.

5 Tips to Encourage Yourself Into Running;

  1. Give Yourself a Reason and Set a Goal – whether to lose weight or joining a fun/charity run these are good reasons to help yourself and others while running. Set up personal goal, how many miles and how much time you can go each day, motivates you to get up and run.
  2. Invest with comfortable shoes and clothing – get yourself a good shoes and clothes because running will be easy if you feel comfortable. Proper clothing will definitely protect you from the weather. Shoes helps your run more and better.
  3. Pace Yourself – for beginners do jogging, starting in a slow pace at least 6 mph helps you warmed up and in control of your breathing. There will always be someone faster than you but better focus on yourself improvement.
  4. Run with a Friend – having someone with you running in the park or any trail makes running more possible and fun. If you get a chance to run with a pro, learning from them and getting some tips to reach your goal is another achievement.
  5. Run more every week – being consistent will help your body adapt and prevent yourself from getting hurt.

5 Benefits of Running;

  1. Improves Health –  get you into shape as running helps burns off fat, prevents high blood pressure, increased bone density and helps you have a strong legs.
  2. Improves Skin Health – sweat gets rid of body toxins which gives you a radiant and beautiful complexion.
  3. Helps you Clear Your Mind – with running your not only getting a body health increase but a positive mine too. Running helps lifting your mood and relieving depression. Running is an awesome way to have a personal “me” time and see some nature.
  4. The Best Cardio Workout –  in order to get stronger your body needs a good heart and lungs. Running definitely strengthen lungs and heart as it helps pumping blood and oxygen for our body. Before getting into other extreme physical activities, doing some cardio by running helps pump your energy up high.
  5. Be able to Help Others – there is no better reason with running for a cause. There are so many fun/fund/charity runs on your city to join that can help people in need and to get socialize.

Run and reach your goal happy, not worn out. Remember, running helps you stay fit and young looking.

Being positive with running helps you to come back for more. Make time for it and finish it strong gorgeous!


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