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The Patriots go to the oldest trick play in the book, the flea-flicker, then Tom Brady drops a dime to Martellus Bennett to give the Patriots a 23-3 lead vs. the …

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This NFL’s video is titled Flea-Flicker Sets Up Tom Brady's Dime to Martellus Bennett for the TD! | and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:01:32, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. with the cowboys losing to new york and the patriots dominating the ravens could we be the new best team? ? wait a second this just in ravens get a touchdown and recover the ball on the kickoff, has this game had a change of momentum?

  2. I'm so good that nobody noticed the illegal shifts and ineligible receiver on my offense. Told you this is my revenge on the Ravens for snitching.

  3. don't like either of these teams, but I do pray that Ravens lose, love my Big Ben and Company!! we'll deal with Patriots later B-)

  4. what with the Racist NFL with all these Caucasoid Quarterbacks with PERMANENT POSITIONS….FUCKEN RACISM !!! AND THE caucasoid COACHES JUMP ONE TEAM TO ANOTHER FUCKEN NFL RACIST !!!

  5. Are the Broncos the only team to consistently put up a fight against the Patriots because so many teams just ALLOW them to run them over. Ravens are well more than qualified to win this game

  6. Julian Quach are a Owner ? Are you on the Board of trustees ? …NO …Then Mind your FUCKEN BUSINESS FUCKEN FAN !!!

  7. The TD at the End looked kind of like the Seattle Seahawks Green Bay Packers Game Winning controversial Hail Mary touchdown with those bad referee a few years ago

  8. Pats need Bennett to make more plays to get back to the Super Bowl. Needs more games like he had against Seattle, because just like Gronk, the dude is extremely hard to tackle after the catch.

  9. I'm lost here. Title says:

    "Flea-Flicker set up Tom Brandy's Dime to Martellus Bennett……"

    I thought Martellus was black.

    The guy shown on the vid is white.

    I guess I need a new computer monitor.

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