Watch NBA Isaiah Thomas Drops 35 Points Paul Millsap Counters with 26 In Atlanta! | April 6, 2017

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Watch as two All-Stars battle it out in Atlanta in a battle For positioning in the Eastern Conference. Isaiah Thomas leads the way for the Celtics with 35 points …

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This NBA’s video is titled Isaiah Thomas Drops 35 Points Paul Millsap Counters with 26 In Atlanta! | April 6, 2017 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 3:25, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. I think teams have found a way around Thomas. At his size there are lineups that the Celtics can't hide Thomas's defensive liabilities. And if they get some coveted guards in the draft I could see Thomas be traded which sounds crazy.

  2. The number one seed was tryna make the Cavs jealous by going out with the Celtics. We all knew the one seed didn't truly love Boston.

  3. we are still too soft down low.olynynk is perhaps the tallest punk down there …and jerebko too .we'll at least Jonas gets board kelly does fuck all.we need someone like hassan Whiteside or boogie and a small forward that can create offence unlike crowder who is just 3 and D.

  4. Jeremy Lin scored 32 in less minutes than Isaiah and he doesn't even get a mention. This channel……

  5. I'm a Celtic fan and I know we're not as good as Cleveland. Yeah we choked the 1seed but did you really think we would even be competing for the 1 seed on game 76 of 82 in 2017 ? No one did. 2019 is our year to see the real results of this rebuild from the Pierce and KG trade to the Nets. This year we might get the NO.1 pick if the Nets lottery ping pong balls are picked 1st. Can't wait

  6. How come it's never discussed how overrated Al Horford is? It's like you never hear his name. His he even effective? I think Paul Millsap is the better player.

  7. Go to Pelicans Thomas.. you will flourish in scoring while AD and Holiday pick up the slacks from your sub par defense.. it's a perfect fit..

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