Watch NBA Top Plays From Damian Lillard's Historic 10 Game Stretch

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Over the past 10 games Damian Lillard has averaged 35.4 points per game making him the highest average scorer across a 10 game span in Portland Trail …

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This NBA’s video is titled Top Plays From Damian Lillard's Historic 10 Game Stretch and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:05:22, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. About time he gets this hype. But s/o to Calabro with the energy he always gave like he was in Seattle. It's about time we've gotten SOME recognition and reason to hype because they're on fire.

  2. Can people stop saying this guy is "underrated" he gets enough love. Clearly not following the game if you think hes still underrated.

  3. Dames career reminds me so much of how Brandon Roy's career went and LaMarcus.. What they all have in common is they all play the game the right way.. they never did/do anything special on court but have such high IQ's. All of us here in Oregon don't really care much if he becomes a mega star or whatever.. he's loved in this state, aside from soccer, the blazers are the only other mainstream pro sport in Oregon.. Damian embraces that and goes out there and plays like a mad man.. there's plenty of other teams out there of course.. but here in Portland, we love our blazers.. they can go 0-82, I promise you that arena is still gonna be pretty packed and noise will be made..

  4. The sad thing is that most of these plays are and ones where it’s not called. Shit happens too often

  5. I don't know why i find this very ironic at 1:15 the guy that has a 45 in it (i don't know his name) wearing damian lillard shoes which is the dame 4 and got blocked by damian lilliard himself.??

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