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The Atlanta Falcons take on the Cleveland Browns during Week 10 of the 2018 NFL season. Subscribe to NFL: Check out our other …

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This NFL’s video is titled Falcons vs. Browns Week 10 Highlights | NFL 2018 and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 10:46, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Mayfield is the real deal. Browns better stick with him WHEN he slumps, because this dude is no… funny… I can’t even remember that “Mr. Football” guys name… Manziel?

  2. We, Brown's fan sincerely don't want any of you ship jumping narcissists liking this team… Y'all are the phoniest souls on earth… Always sniffing around where winning occurs… Since 99, no sympathy, just demonic bully jokes kicking dirt in the eyes of down on their luck souls…??? Keep it up, cause I can smell your wicked souls trying to hide behind keyboards…???

  3. look at the 2nd Quarter 8;38 left the hand off was a forward pass and a another forward pass to Mayfield from Laundry and from Mayfield

  4. Seeing this game as a Saints fan puts a smile in my face every time. Falcons are GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!! WHODAT!

  5. i watch this game to see whats going on the,,, ATL,,TEAM,, is not the offensiveLINE TO Blame ALL the games FOR matt RYAN, SACK,,ALL THE time,,, he got SACK because he HOLD to LONG on the BALL….HELLO RYAN ,you dont have to throw the ball to jones all time,BC is not going to be open all time MAN,, other team know thats your target,,so they double team him,,but your running BACK is open for short pass,, coleman his allways open MAN,,,,play like tombrady man,short pass his,, RB run down10yards or 15,,,is good they moving down field ,,,,better than forced the throw to jones and ITC or FUMBLE,OR BLOCK,then we fxxk,,, ,RYAN play smart man,,,TOMBRADY win superBXXX..BECAUSE he mixED is play TO confuse the DEFFENSE,,,think about it man,, riseFup

  6. wow..can't wait to see what the brown's do this year with all of the new additions…and I am a Giants fan..

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