Watch NBA HAWKS vs BULLS | Atlanta & Chicago Meet Again After 4 OT Thriller | March 3, 2019

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The Hawks drained 21 three-pointers (21-42, 50%) en route to a 123-118 victory over the Bulls in Chicago. Alex Len led all scorers with 28 points (team-high 5-8 …

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This NBA’s video is titled HAWKS vs BULLS | Atlanta & Chicago Meet Again After 4 OT Thriller | March 3, 2019 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 9:36, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. This game was ruined for fans and players (trae young ) after the refs and their soft antics ejected Trae for lookin at kris Dunn

  2. That Tech was one of the weakest calls ever… Staring will get you an ejection, but a slap to the back of the head won’t? Come on NBA

  3. They ejected Trae Young for looking at Dunn ?? WTF NBA !!
    He was on his way for another 30pt night too
    He had 18 with a quarter and a half left

  4. Trae Young hits a three
    Refs: Oh, sorry we don't allow you to look freely at other players, LEAVE!
    Trae: Wdym
    Trae: Confused, walks into locker room
    Refereeing 1
    O btw 9th
    and ejection at 4:23

  5. Damn ? Chicago still won and I didn't even get to see "the Trigger"Young cook they a**
    lol ????

  6. So it’s ok for superstar players to stare down there defender but when trae young does it he gets ejected? Hmm makes sense

  7. lauri got a tech for looking at another player after a dunk earlier this season, and it was literally only for a second. he wasnt ejected though, thats just bs

  8. So what if they get a tech a or two. It's the NBA… they getting payed by the millions.. fans get to caught up in this bs…

  9. Trade did nothing wrong. That was some bullshit. I said it before that Dunn should've been traded not Portis. Dunn is a weak ass inconsistent player. That was a bitch move by the refs.

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