Watch UFC UFC Uruguay: Valentina Shevchenko – "We Made History"

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Hear from UFC flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko backstage after defending her belt for a second time at Fight Night Uruguay. Subscribe to get all the …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC Uruguay: Valentina Shevchenko – "We Made History" and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 3:4, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. Fighters always say we made history. Everything in the past is history you bunch of stupid unoriginal simpletons. Don't forget to flex your noodle arms for the camera also

  2. Gotta say this comments sections shows how hypocritical a lot of UFC fans are. Valentina fought very smart and made it and made it a technical point fight, yet no one calls it boring and everyone calls her a genius for fighting this way. When Tyron did the same thing against Wonderboy and Maia, everyone called him a boring counter point fighter. Before any idiot suggest this, no I am not implying racism or any BS like that, I am just saying people are hypocrites.

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  4. All these title defenses and everyone she fights sucks. She’s way too good to fight the fighters she’s been fighting. Jonna was her only good defense.

  5. love Valentina Shevchenko; but was expecting more SPECTACULAR techniques; eg: superman punches; backward spin kick; where was it ??

  6. Felicidades Valentina, gran triunfo, muy buen combate, excelente estrategia.
    Eres la mejor, por muchas razones personales.
    Desde México, un gran saludo y cariño bonito.

  7. Valentina is at fault for the shit fight as well, make no mistake. She should be more critical of her own performance IMO, I don't like her fake, forced all smiles attitude about the fight, it was literally one of the worst main events in UFC history. She didn't cut off the cage and engage Carmouche, sitting back and waiting to counter a chick who's scared and not moving forward either is bullshit and not champ shit

  8. To me Liz Carmouch just want to do some shadowboxing & get some pocket money for doing it in UFC.
    As a challenger she didn't try anything at all, in fact Valentina is the one that landed more significant strikes than her.

  9. Great fighter , very smart-speaks at least 3 languages ……But damn she comes off a tad arrogant …
    Fine line between extreme confidence and arrogance

  10. The fight was really good!! It’s wasn’t exciting, but the techniques Valentina used all night was exceptional. You can’t knockout everyone in this game. Sometimes your gonna have to adjust to your opponents. I really enjoyed the fight!! I honestly thought that, the spinning back fist knocked her out. I would honestly like to see Valentina fight Nunes again.

  11. Valentina is a lady of Focus, Commitment and Sheer Will. OHHHHH!
    I once saw her kill someone with a headkick, WITH A HEADKICK!

  12. She is the closest thing I’ve seen to Floyd mayweather in WMMA. She’s a wizard defensively; she’s likes a snake charmer. She hypnotizes her opponents into fighting her fight. Fans want her to be a brawler so bad; this is the fight game. When you wanna be a fan favorite head hunting constantly and looking to get caught in crazy exchanges, you end a with rearranged nose like mike Perry.

  13. I really believe that both Liz and Val were a bit psyched out by Mike's nose they probably saw in the back and didn't want some unlucky damage.

  14. If the fight was with Amanda nunes She will finish this fight in the first round
    Not impressed with shevchenko at all
    Amanda nunes is the greatest female fighter of Ufc and history

  15. All Val had to do was defend the belt..! Lizzy needed to come and take it..! She did not..!!!
    Thank Lizzy for a slow azz fight!!
    Why would Val risk when she didn't have to…..? Her fight IQ is off the charts..!
    And let's not forget she KO Eye two months ago..!

  16. People say it would be dumb of Valentina to go aggreseive. But if you want $, youll put on a show. Thats what Max, Nunes, Conor, etc. do. And theyre getting rich

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