Watch UFC Week 8: Meet the Fighters | Dana White's Contender Series

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Meet the fighters scheduled to compete on Week 8 of Dana White’s Contender Series on Tuesday night. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: …

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This UFC’s video is titled Week 8: Meet the Fighters | Dana White's Contender Series and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 12:5, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. Native American guy has the face that scientists draw after an archaeologist discovers a skull from 100,000 years ago.

  2. The first guy said that he wanted to be the first Native American in the UFC. Isn't Nico Montaño Native American?

  3. Forgive me for my ignorance because I'm not American but how the hell does a Native American have the surname "Weaver" and look white represent Native Americans? He looks whiter than some mixed race white/black kids.

  4. I grew up by this guy in the first part. I lived in turnerville. Hey glad to see you finally make it.
    You been grinding for a while. Stay at it.

  5. Time to find talent outside of us. U cant call this a global organization when ur so extremely bias for ur american fighters.

  6. I lived in tn most of my life I can tell the first girl is a junkie and her mom has her kid probably because it's for the best.

  7. These girls offer me nothing.
    Skillset limited.
    Pudgey looking.

    Like it's not like Rachel Ostovich who is hot as fuck but is a MEH fighter.
    Or Nunes who is ugly as shit but her skillset could defeat some males at flyweight.

    These 2 do nothing for the UFC.

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