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CLIPPERS at SPURS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | December 21, 2019 The L.A. Clippers defeated the San Antonio Spurs, 134-109. Kawhi Leonard led the …

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This NBA’s video is titled CLIPPERS at SPURS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | December 21, 2019 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:38, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


    Since he's White no one will mention the fact that POPOVICH is 100% the Reason why Kawhi is no longer a spur. So I thought I'd be the Bearer of Bad news to Spurs fans while simultaneously being Comic relief for clippers fans

  2. You pay hundreds of dollars to boo a guy who make more than 600x your salary. I watch this game to support former raptor DeRozan but the fans made me change my mind immediately. Kawhi teammates are so selfish, they should have given him the ball to score every single bucket. Let's see how long these fans lungs would have hold up

  3. Derozan must be traded, the last time spurs had the best of the trade was leonard – hill, but derozan – leonard, damn, derozan is an inconsistent scorer and absolutely no defense, not good in spurs system, the passing was destroyed most of the time he has the ball,

  4. San Antonio actually boo'ing ppl. Maybe it's happened before and I missed it but this is new to me. Clippers made it look beyond easy when in fact what they are doing is not. It looked like a video games at times. Even on Spurs side DeRozen looked like a videogame too. Just went straight through them. Crazy highlights on a night full of crazy highlights espcially if you watch Football as well.

  5. JaMychal returns but no Kawhi and Pat (sore groin) today. Kawhi has missed both meetings when we faced the Thunder. Not 100% sure we win today but very confident for the Christmas game even if LeBron plays.

  6. Lmfao ya fuck you demar you got traded to San Antonio and the dude who they traded you for took your team all the way won a title then told the team you wanted to be with to fuck off and then went to your hometown team while your still whining and crying and stuck in San Antonio lmao what are you gunna do about it continue to cry.

  7. Kawhi Leonard helped the Spurs win a championship in 2014 and y’all booing him? SMFH ?????????? Raptors fans had Kawhi for ONE YEAR and they praised and cheer for him!

  8. I live in San Antonio but celtics my team not those hitters spurs crap. Kawhi is my favorite player everyone knows he is not the best player in the universe peroid.i love when kawhi comes to town to wreck the organization that dragged his name under Mudd. And try playing victim always said spurs are overrated since they steal the Celtic philosophy in teamwork tried to claim they're the golden standard of that but my celtics did that first and that concept is ours!. So that's right spurs and that overrated pop the bitch getting what they deserve. Eat shit pop,manu,parker. Tim you're cool.and fuck the ignorant spurs fans to. It's going to be a pleasure this season watching y'all self destruct.

  9. The SPURS are done…pop made a biggest mistake in his career to trade kawhi..a true superstar a one in a decade player

  10. Even after several years at Spurs those butt-hurt fans didn't know Kawhi ….

    This guy played a game right after his father's death … your boos mean nothing to him when he plays

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