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SPURS at ROCKETS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | December 16, 2019 After trailing by as many as 25 PTS, the Houston Rockets earn a 109-107 victory over …

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This NBA’s video is titled SPURS at ROCKETS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | December 16, 2019 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:36, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. I was at the game last night and thought it was over the 3rd and the 4th quarter it got heated and them ? was flying in the Air

  2. Rockets are pretenders. Trading for Westbrook made them worse in the short term. Like the suns trading for Shaq. This team will flame out in the playoffs bc they play harden the most min. Per game in the league and then he will be “tired”. the team will get broken up.

  3. Funny how two points can make the difference on the outcome . The Ref’s who officiated that last game should be ashamed of themselves

  4. I wasn't into basketball for his age, but LA really is what Tim Duncan would be if he was in the league now. LA's scoring prowess is ridiculous, an unstoppable big almost, but the direction the league has taken took away his chance to be the NBA's best. Just imagine LAs skillset before the three. Straight up dominant.

  5. 4:02 I like how he chased him down and tried to block it. Even though he missed, he still had a chance. That's one thing i like about basketball.

  6. Just remember haters: the Rockets are w/o Gerald Green (3pt sniper) & Eric Gordon (3pt sniper & defender)…this has only been a time for the team to adjust w Russ & get McLemore his MUCH needed confidence/ swagg back…2nd half of season is looking VERY interesting

  7. That's what's up Houston!

    Way to come all the way alive in the 2nd half.

    The Beard took a Clutch City charge like Scottie Pippen!

    Let's go Rockets!

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