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Effective 30 Days Kettlebell Challenge

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Effective 30 Days Kettlebell Challenge

What it takes to be strong? And what it takes to be fit and fab?

Sometimes you need to challenge yourself and get motivated.

Here is an effective 30 Days Challenge, enough to have your daily workout done and gain strength.

Kettlebell is one of so many workout equipment’s that can be used to perform ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. There are different weights for kettlebells, so choose what you can carry and is best for you.

Effective 30 Days Kettlebell Challenge

Here are the steps on how to do the four mainly routines done on this challenge:

  1. Swing – it works from standing position to knee bending while swinging the kettlebell forward with your arms stretch.
  2. Squats – from a squat position you can either swing the kettlebell forward ; or carry/grip it with both hands up and down.
  3. Lunges – from a standing position then forward lunge while doing push-press with the kettlebell. Do this switching left and right leg. Also you can do side lunges if preferred.
  4. Halo – begin with standing position hip apart, holding the kettlebell and lift it around your head back to chest level.

These exercises works the muscles on the hips, gluts, shoulders, abs and also your grips.

Challenge yourself, gain strength and endurance.

Highlight of Conor McGregor Versus Nate Diaz with Bloody Face

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It was a victory for McGregor defeating Nate Diaz in UFC 202. Conor threw much more effective punches which sent Diaz home with a bloody face. The king is really back!

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Rio Olympics 2016 Ended, Next Tokyo Olympics 2020

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Rio de Janeiro hosted the 2016 Olympics for 3 weeks and for the closing ceremony Brazil nailed it by presenting the next host which is in Tokyo, Japan in 2020.

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After series of winning, he wows the crowd by showing some skill with javelin throw.

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Beautiful Women of Rio Olympics 2016 in High Jump Action

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These women not only perform excellently in Rio Olympics but also have shown their beauty and hot figures.

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Unfortunate Events in Rio Olympics 2016

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Rio Olympic Athletes are the best in the world but nobody is perfect even if you trained well for years, they are still prone to mistakes and some unfortunately with accidents.

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Yacht Accommodation for Team USA Basketball during Rio Olympics

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Team USA Basketball stays in a fancy private yacht for security and undeniably comfortable experience while on Rio Olympics. Here are some photos taken during their training break enjoying inside the said yacht.

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