D’Angelo Russell Joining the Splash Brothers

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The Brooklyn Nets has sent D’Angelo Russell to the Golden State Warriors in a sign and trade deal worth $141 Million Dollars for 4 Years.

D'Angelo Russell Golden State Warriors
D’Angelo Russell Golden State Warriors


Bol Bol Selected Round 2 Pick 44 Crowd Erupts

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Bol Bol son of ex-NBA player Manute Bol has been on the radar and spotlight throughout the NBA night draft!

Bol Bol NBA Draft 2019 Erupts after Selection!

For some reason he showed a sad face as Round 1 passed and he was not chosen. He is a strong player, lots of skills but having his foot broken might have teams hesitant to choose him.

Round 2 came pick #44 and his name was called, the crowd erupts in happiness. The crowd wear different jerseys but still they rooted for Bol Bol.

Bol Bol Crowd Erupts on NBA Draft 2019 Selection

As Bol Bol himself said during the interview “I didn’t know I have a lot of friends.”

Kawhi Leonard Spotted with Home Depot Boxes, Goodbye Raptors!

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Kawhi Leonard has fulfilled his contract with the Toronto Raptors and there were no handshake agreement that he will re-sign with the team.

Kawhi has officially said he didn’t purchase a home in Toronto as earlier reported and was spotted with Home Depot boxes.

Looks like he is all getting ready to say bye, bye Toronto Raptors!

Kawhi Leonard spotted with Moving Boxes via Jimmy Tsatsas on Twitter

Al Horford Declines Celtics 2019-2020 Player Option

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Al Horford of the Boston Celtics opted out of his player option of $30.1 million dollars and enters free agency.

Potential destinations that may have some cap space are Los Angeles Lakers, Milwaukee Bucks, Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Clippers.

Al Horford Free Agency 2019
Al Horford declines his $30.1M option with the Boston Celtics

Harrison Barnes Unrestricted Free Agent Declined Player Option

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Harrison Barnes has declined his $25.1M player option and will become an unrestricted free agent starting 30 June 2019. With the Warriors depleted lineup would they chase down Harrison Barnes?

Barnes was vital in the 2015 NBA Finals hitting those corner 3-pt shots and working well in the transition offense of the Warriors.

The Warriors won’t be able to sign him to max salary and would have to take a pay cut. The Sacramento Kings

Harrison Barnes declined his $25.1 million dollar player option. Becomes unrestricted free agent.

will still be the best team to offer him the most.

Anthony Davis Joins LA Lakers for 1st Round Playoff Appearance

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Anthony Davis to Los Angeles is good for a 1st round playoff performance.

Remember Kevin Love and Chris Bosh who had monster all-star numbers before joining Lebron James but turned out to have off the bench numbers after months of frustration of getting in synch with Lebron. Congrats Anthony Davis and Los Angeles Lakers!

Image from NBA TV, Anthony Davis to Los Angeles Lakers!

Klay Thompson ACL Injury Still Epic Game 6 Finals

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Klay Thompson Game 6 Finals ACL Injury
Klay Thompson Epic Game 6 Finals Performance Despite ACL Injury

Raptors Fans Betrayal Wore Warriors Jerseys

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Jimmy Kimmel got the raptors fans to wear Golden State Warriors jerseys, too funny not to watch!

Watch the video here —

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