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Kevin Love out for Game 3 in NBA Finals 2016

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Kevin Love was injured in Game 2 of the NBA finals when Harrison Barnes accidentally elbowed him when scrambling for a rebound of a free-throw attempt.

The Cleveland Cavaliers is in a must-win situation against the Golden State Warriors as another lose would put them 0-3 in the NBA Finals 2016. The Cavaliers are hoping the home-court advantage together with huge contributions from Irving and Love would help them secure Game 3.

Kevin Love remained on the floor after the incident with Barnes while play continued. He eventually stood, finished the second quarter and appeared at the start of the third. He appeared fine in the game but requested to be taken out after he felt dizzy.

Doctors determined to place Love on concussion protocol. With two days rest the Cavaliers were hoping to get Kevin Love back in the game and help them climb back in the series. It doesn’t look Love is healthy and would have to sit this one out.

Channing Frye will put in the workload tonight and hopefully he can have the same impact as Delladova. It would be remembered that the Cavaliers went down 0-2 last year against the Warriors before winning two straight games. Without Love and Irving, Delladova stepped up offensively and defensively that helped them event he series at 2 games apiece.

Kobe Bryant Retires on Monster Offense Scoring 60 points

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Kobe Bryant finishing his career on a monster offense by scoring 60 point against the Utah Jazz to lead the Lakers to a 101-96 win.

Kobe scored 17 of the final 21 points of the Lakers while providing the assists on the other 4 points. Kobe made the go ahead jumper shot with 30 seconds remaining.

Bryant shot 44% on 22 field goals against 50 attempts which entered the record books as the NBA single-game record for field goal attempts. Kobe finished with 60 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 steal and 1 block shot.

Kobe spoke after the game for the final moment and the most memorable one says “Mamba out,”.

Reaction from Kobe Bryant’s 60 point career ending games below:

Even Lebron has respect for Kobe’s 60 points

I can’t say the 60 points upstaged the Warriors 73 wins, let us just focus on the 60 Magic

Even wife of Stephen Curry was slammed on her status on a Warriors historic night

This one is nice and one of the best inspiration for Kobe, which is to be able to show his kids his game, leaving a lasting great game memory

Can’t help but put Michael Jordan in the conversation

Congratulations and thank you Mamba!

Kobe Bryant 60 points

Golden State Warriors Wins and Makes Historic 73-9 Regular Season Record

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The Golden State Warriors made a Historic run tonight that saw them winning 73 regular season games, breaking the Chicago Bulls Record of 72 wins.

The Warriors came blazing in the 1st Quarter as Stephen Curry started the game strong and refusing for the Warriors to fall behind by hitting two three pointers in the first 4 minutes of the game — the first one giving the Warriors the lead 6-4, and the second 12-9. And with still 4:21 minutes remaining in the first quarter, Curry shot three consecutive three pointers from the top of the key with one of them over 5 feet away from the arc. Curry added another 3 point short with less than a minute to go. By the end of the first quarter the Warriors were leading by 14 points 37-23, on the Warriors’ 9 3 pointers with Barnes and Green adding to Curry’s six.

The 2nd Quarter the Warriors remained in control of the game as Steve Kerr decided to rest Curry until the 5:47 mark with Klay Thompson hitting beyond the arc pushing the lead to 16 points. It was a well balanced offense with Ezeli, Livingston, Barbosa, Barnes, Speights scoring while Thompson adding 4 3 pointers. The Warriors pushed the lead to 22 points with 2:48 remaining on consecutive 3 point shots from Thompson and Curry. The second quarter saw the Warriors with 14 3 pointers ending the first half on the score of 50-70.

3rd Quarter came and Curry conquered as Stephen made another milestone making 400 3 pointers in a season in the first 43 seconds of the third quarter. The quarter saw Curry dishing out 6 assist but the Warriors had a lot of turnovers that allowed the Grizzlies to cut down the lead to 14 via a Farmer floating jump shot with 4:12 remaining. As the Memphis trying to make a comeback, the Warriors answered with Iguodola, Green and Curry with a barrage of points giving the Warriors a 21 point lead ending the 3rd quarter 102-81.

The 4th quarter it was already evident that there is no comeback run and the Memphis traded basket with the Warriors who mostly fielded their second unit with only Thompson in the starting five. The fans gave the Warriors a standing ovation with 4:18 remaining as Speights pushes the lead to 22 on a driving layup with the score of 120-98. The game finishes on the score of with Stephen Curry leading the game with 46 points, 6 assists and 10 3 pointers.

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors for this historic night.

Relive the Full game highlights of Win 71 Golden State Warriors Vs Memphis Grizzlies

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The Golden State Warriors Vs Memphis Grizzlies was an important win for the Warriors not only as the Warriors got win 71 in the regular season but a confidence and momentum builder as they drive to break the 72 wins of the Chicago Bulls.

Relive this very intense, exciting game as we saw Draymond Green giving the edge for the win.

Warriors 71st Win Probably Sealed the 73 win Run

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The Warriors has lost the game against Minnesota and earlier before that against the Boston Celtics. The run towards breaking the Chicago Bulls record of 72 wins was not looking good. Was the regular season run finally caught up with the Warriors? Were they tired?

Nonetheless, the game against the Grizzlies was supposed to be an easy one for the Warriors as the Memphis Grizzlies is hanging on at the lower end of the playoff picture, they haven’t been winning in their last 10 games and two of their star players Mike Conley and Marc Gasol are out because of injuries. Apparently, the Grizzlies have a mission of making the Warriors work very hard and deny them of breaking the 72-win regular season. For a moment there Memphis looks like it will be upsetting the Warriors as they led by ten points with the just 6 minutes left. For the Warriors, this is the game they need to breathe life to their run and give them the confidence to finally break the home winning streak of the San Antonio Spurs.

Draymond Green’s excellent all-around play helped them push forward to win their 71st game on the slimmest of margin 100-99. 71 wins in a single regular season is a lot and most teams can only dream of reaching this milestone.

This was a hard fought game as the Warriors had to climb back from 10 points in the last 6 minutes and were still 5 points down in the last 2 minutes and 48 seconds in the game. The game winning shot was a follow-up tip-in by Draymond Green off a Stephen Curry layup miss while having 4 Grizzlies defending for a defensive rebound. On the next play, Draymond forced Randolph to shoot an airball.

Grizzlies still had the opportunity to deliver a heart-breaking upset as Lance Stephenson had two shot attempts in the last 10 seconds, the final shot came at .8 seconds but couldn’t deliver the points.

Even when Memphis seemed to be in control of the remainder of the 4th quarter, the Warriors required the contribution from four players – three points from Curry, Igoudala, a driving two points by Green, another three on the top right key by Harrison Barnes, and the go ahead two points while having four Grizzlies on the defensive end.

When the Buzzer sounded, the Warriors won their 71st game and 33rd road game, an achievement that puts them in the history books only occupied by the Chicago Bulls 1991-1996.

Warriors Becomes the 2nd 70 win team in NBA History

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The Golden State Warriors joined the 70-win club making them the only team alongside the Chicago Bulls for this milestone.

The most important thing is that the Warriors were able to bounce back from a crushing defeat against the lowly Minnesota Timberwolves as they suffered on their second home loss in the last three games. The Warriors looked tired the last few games and going up against a streaking San Antonio Spurs who is second in the league and looking more and more confident, could have crushed their hopes to reaching 70 games and possibly breaking the Chicago Bulls record.

Steve Kerr has downplayed the achievement of breaking the record of the Bulls and winning 73 games in the regular season. Most teams making the playoffs are already resting their starters to come fresh in the first round and while Steve insists that the record 73 wins is not their priority, the way they played Minnesota Timberwolves and the Spurs says otherwise.

It would be foolish for the Warriors to let go of this achievement and should go after the 73 wins like it is a Championship Game.

The Warriors will have to remain focus on the last three games against Memphis Grizzlies on Saturday & Wednesday and the Spurs on Sunday. The Warriors need to win the game against the Grizzlies as effortlessly as possible to rest and recharge against the Spurs on Sunday. The Spurs has not lost a home game this season and Popovich said he will be resting his players and be on full attack on Sunday against the Warriors.

Steve Kerr’s Triple Connection to break 72-win Record

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Despite what Steve Kerr says, his boys and the Golden State Warriors are going after the 72 regular win NBA record of the Chicago Bulls. Instagram user thehoopnut has posted the image above which shows the triple connection of Steve Kerr for this record.

“His Teammates have two chances” – Steve Kerr played for the San Antonio Spurs and they are playing against them in two of the last four games of the season.

“To Prevent His Team from” – should I say more?

Breaking his Team’s 72-10 record – it is more like, “breaking his former team’s record”.

If Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors beat the Chicago Bulls record, Steve will have his own record that would probably take forever to break.

Golden State Warriors’ is Going after the Historic 72 Wins

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Steve Kerr is denying that they are going after the NBA record for regular season wins. The only thing he is avoiding right now is putting too much expectation and pressure on the team and burn them out come the playoffs.

“We’re not really pushing for this,” as Kerr said to Sam Amick of USA Today. “All we’ve said is, ‘Yeah, it’d be nice to get. We’d like to get it.'”

The Warriors already won a Championship, aside from another Championship and possible 3-peat, breaking the Chicago Bulls’ record is as important as all the other team achievements.

The boys of Steve Kerr fought hard and strong against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Tuesday as the game went into overtime 124-117 and usually when there are a few games left in the regular season and you have already secured your playoff position; the minutes of the players go down.

There is a very long list of Championship teams but the 70-point club only belongs to the Chicago Bulls and the Golden State Warriors better join the club, then break the record.

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