Former Bears Kevin Butler Advice on Robbie Gould

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Robbie Gould of the San Francisco 49ers did not sign his franchise tag tender and wants out preferably Chicago Bears.
Ex-Bears Kevin Butler warned Robbie to be careful of what he is asking — “I’ve always said it to Robbie, be careful what you wish for sometimes, because it’s not easy to kick in Chicago, It’s certainly not easy to kick in San Francisco, but he’s found a situation out there where he’s been as good as there is. Can you duplicate that by coming back to Chicago? I don’t know. … It’s a scary thing to mess with your legacy.”
Robbie has a good thing going on in San Francisco and with the possible return of Jimmy the team could be a serious contender next year which can help Robbie cement his legacy. Today he is messing with that on a return to Chicago who only has good memories of him.
Robbie first-team All-Pro with the Bears in 2006 was with the team for 11 years converting 276 of 323 field goal attempts (85.4 percent), 379 of 383 extra points (98.9 percent).
The Bears released him in 2015 because his performance has dipped and with age catching up on him the Bears fans maybe expecting the same Robbie they had 4 years ago.

Robbie’s motivation is to go back home in Chicago — “The bottom line is, I’m unsure if I want to play there anymore. At this point, I have to do what’s best for me and my family back home.”

The Chicago fans and Bears organization is not going to welcome him with open arms when he starts missing goals and he could quickly go down faster than his decision to leave San Francisco.


Jason Witten Unretires Cowboys Tight End is Back

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The Dallas Cowboys have announced that #82 Tight End is back as a Cowboys and leaves retirement behind.

Jason Witten has been working as the lead analyst for ESPN Monday Night football, a profession that quickly taken its’ toll on the legendary Cowboys quarterback as social media have been harsh towards him on a series of weak commentaries like “Aaron Rodgers “pulling a rabbit out of his head”.

On then other end of broadcasting Tony Romo his teammate quarterback for a longtime has been dubbed as the best analyst in sports, this has added stress to Witten.

Jason says the decision to leave retirement is his — “This was completely my decision, and I am very comfortable with it. I’m looking forward to getting back in the dirt.”

Well good luck Jason, we don’t expect much at this time of your career but if Tom Brady can maybe you can surprise us too!

Brian Flores New England Defensive Genius Becomes Dolphins Head Coach

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For most fans the Super Bowl LIII was a boring match because of the lack of Touchdowns but looking on another perspective it was a defensive masterpiece.
Shutting down the offensive machine of Los Angles Rams to zero in the first half and just finishing with 3 points in the game would have been unthinkable similar to shutting the Kansas City Chiefs to zero first half points.
Both of those scenarios happened and the Miami Dolphins didn’t waste any time in hiring Brian Flores, the Patriots defensive playcaller of the 4-hour defensive masterpiece.
It takes more than a head coach to turn things around but if we can remember Bill Belichick himself won two Super Bowls as defensive coordinator prior to joining the New England Patriots.
Miami Dolphins General manager Chris Grier has high hopes for Brian Flores and that he will be able to help rebuild the Dolphins until they become Super Bowl contenders.
Both Grier and Flores are former Patriot scouts and has a lot of knowledge from the ground up all the way to contender level.
It will still be a few years before we see how this move turns out but I would say that getting Championship caliber leadership is a very good way to start.


Tom Brady-Bill Belichick Win Historic 6th Title Super Bowl LIII

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The New England Patriots duo of Tom Brady and Bil Belichick has made history by winning their 6th Super Bowl title against the Los Angeles Rams. It has been 17 years since they won their first Super Bowl Championship also against the Los Angeles Rams.
This was masterful defensive game as the Patriots have kept the high octane offense of the Rams to 0 points in the first half and only 3 to finish the game.
The number two offense in the NFL didn’t know what hit them as they probably didn’t expect to score less than 15 points in the game while just finishing with 3 points.
With the Rams defense led by Defensive Player of the Year Aaron Donalds quickly forced Brady into an interception early in the game and limited the Patriots on 3 points via a field goal in the first half.
Three quarters have passed and the game was tied at 3-3 with both sides clamping up on defense. This is where the Patriots have the advantage since the Los Angeles Rams is a scoring machine team averaging nearly 29 points per game and with just 3 points into the 4th quarter it is clear the Patriots game plan is working.
With New England having more experience in Super Bowl they found a way to score a touch down in the last quarter on a formation that saw wide receiver Julian Edelman, two tight-ends Gronkowski and Allen, and RB Rex Burkhead leading the charge.
Gronkowski caught 29 yards on that drive enough to go 1st and goal where goal-line touchdown specialist Sony Michel delivered the go ahead points.

The Patriots held on the lead and got an interception courtesy of Gilmore against Brandin Cooks. This is comeback victory for Tom Brady whom people believe is past his prime and didn’t have any winning seasons ahead of him.

As Tom Brady notes — “No one expected us to win that game, and that’s a lot how it used to feel, before all the success. It brings back different feelings and different emotions”.

The Saints Historic Drive Against the Eagles to NFC title game

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The New Orleans Sainst was down 14-0 but made a historic 11-minute and 29-second drive that fueled a comeback win 14-20 and push them to the NFC title game. The drive took 18 plays, 92 yards the longest in the Saints history and by any team in the last 20 years.
Drew Brees threw two touchdown passes including the go-ahead points to Michael Thomas to secure their win.

Saints guard has this to say — “It was tough. I mean, it was one of the hardest drive I’ve been a part of, Saints guard Larry Warford said of a drive that actually lasted 22 plays and forced the Saints to gain a total of 117 yards because of three offensive penalties and one defensive penalty. I was out of breath getting down there … and everybody is tired. But you smell the end zone and you can’t give it away. You worked too hard for it when we were driving, and we finished it.”

Drew Brees has this to say — “I’m not sure if that’s a record. We went on a 117-yard drive to take the lead in the third quarter and really didn’t look back. That was the turning point the game.”

The historic 18 play drive is below:

Down Yard line Play
1st & 10 NO 8 Mark Ingram 1-yard run
2nd & 9 NO 9 Incomplete pass; defensive-holding penalty on Eagles
1st & 10 NO 14 Ingram 4-yard run
2nd & 6 NO 18 Drew Brees 8-yard pass to Ted Ginn Jr.
1st & 10 NO 26 Alvin Kamara 1-yard run
2nd & 9 NO. 27 Brees 11-yard pass to Michael Thomas
1st & 10 NO 28 Brees 6-yard pass to Keith Kirkwood
2nd & 4 NO 44 Kamara 1-yard run
3rd & 3 NO 45 Brees 9-yard pass to Josh Hill
1st & 10 PHI 46 Brees incomplete pass
2nd & 10 PHI 46 46-yard TD pass called back on holding penalty
2nd & 20 NO 44 Brees 20-yard pass to Thomas
1st & 10 PHI 36 Tre’Quan Smith 5-yard run
2nd & 5 PHI 31 Kamara 4-yard run
3rd & 1 PHI 27 Kamara 1-yard run
1st & 10 PHI 26 3-yard pass called back on holding penalty
1st & 20 PHI 36 Brees incomplete pass
2nd & 20 PJI 36 Brees 4-yard pass to Kamara
3rd & 16 PHI 32 Brees 20-yard pass to Thomas
1st & 10 PHI 12 False-start penalty
1st & 15 PHI 17 Kamara 15-yard run
1st & goal PHI 2 Brees 2-yard pass to Thomas, touchdown

Wide Receiver star Michael Thomas finished the game with 12 catches for 171 yards and the TD.

The Saints have their hands full against the high offensive output of Los Angeles Rams next week.

New England Patriots Sony Michel Delivers Big against the Chargers

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Rookie RB Sony Michel came up big for the New England Patriots as he delivered in a 41-28 win against the Los Angeles Chargers in the AFC divisional-round playoff game.
Sony Michel rushed for 125 yards and three rushing touchdowns a performance that only three people have accomplished in the last 20 years.
He has now helped the Patriots secure a AFC Championship game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Sony was on and off in the entire year as the Patriots have circled through a number of running backs to keep them healthy but during the biggest game of the year thus far he has delivered.

Tom Brady has this to say to Sony — “I really love Sony as a person and his commitment to the team. He’s just been a lot of fun to be out there with, made a lot of hard yards. It’s great to see.”

Sony Michel is 31st overall pick became the only player in the last 25 postseasons scoring 100 rushing yards and three rushing touchdowns in the first half of a playoff game. The only other player to score 100 rushing yards and three rushing touchdowns was Saints Alvin Kamara although that was not in the playoffs.

Hunter Henry Ready for 2018 Divisional Round

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Steelers Trading Antonio Brown and $21 Million Cap Hit

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