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Ginny Trasher, the Bubbly Teen Who Won Rio Olympics First Gold Medal

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Teenage American Ginny Trasher made waves early on when she won the first gold medal in Rio Olympics on Saturday in the Women’s 10M Air Rifle event.

Ginny is a Sophomore engineering student at West Virginia University who led the Mountaineers to their 18th NCAA team rifle championship as well as 4th straight title.

Ginny has momentarily celebrated in interviews having that bubbly personality as she knows she needs to refocus for her next event on Thursday August 11.

“I have to go refocus for my next match, After I shoot that match, I’ll be going back, straight to classes for my sophomore year,”. She notes that classes start immediately — “They start the day after I get back.”

Thrasher beat out China’s Du Li, the 2006 World Champion had to settle for silver. China’s Yi Siling brought home the bronze for her country.

Air Rifle requires extreme precision repeated over and over again. Trasher who averaged 10.4 during qualification describes it as —

“It’s a sport of precision. Picture a pencil, and if you take the eraser of that pencil, that’s the very middle of the circle. And then if you took a period in size 12 Times New Roman font, and you put it in the middle of that pencil eraser, that is the 10. So, I have to hit that dot at 10 meters to shoot a 10. Now that’s just a 10.0, if I hit that dot it’s just a 10.0, and then if I hit in the very exact center it’s a 10.9”

“I mean it’s not an Olympic sport for nothing!” saying it with her usually bubbly self.

Ginny Trasher has been training for five years, what seemed to be a short time to become an Olympic gold medalist. However, shooting comes natural to her and probably because it is a family thing with her father in the Air Force and grandpa loves deer hunting. Ginny was introduced to shooting when her grandpa took her to one of his deer hunting trips which led to joining the high school air rifle team.

Ginny loves everything about the sport of shooting from practicing, competitions and everything else about it — “For me, I think that the best part about shooting is you get out of it what you put into it and I’ve had a great five years, I absolutely fell in love with the sport of shooting, and I love practicing, I love competing, I love everything about it.”

Given that this was her first Olympics she didn’t created the buzz and expectations of winning the first Gold Medal in Rio Olympics and for Team USA however, what happened, happened and she was proud of the outcome —

“Knowing that I had the first gold medal in the entire Rio 2016 Olympics, that was the moment when I thought I am so proud, I am so proud of being American, I am so proud to stand on that podium, to listen to my nation’s anthem and to just be able to represent, and start off this Rio 2016 games on such a positive note.”

On her plans on future Olympic games she notes — “I have three more years of NCAA eligibility, and then I’ll be shooting the next year after that aiming for Tokyo.”

The gold won by Ginny the United States’ third Gold Medal in women’s air rifle, the last time they won it was 16 years back by Nancy Napolski-Johnson in 2000.

Ginny Trasher

Team USA First Goal in Rio 2016 Olympics

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Team USA started the soccer tournament with a goal. Carli Lloyd two-time Olympic gold medalist aim for the goal heading USA versus New Zealand.

Video of Rio 2016 Olympian Carli Lloyd below:

First Gold Medalist from Team USA in Rio 2016

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From Team USA Ginny Thrasher (19 yrs old) won gold in the 10m Air Rifle competition. You can see from the video how she concentrated and aim for victory.

Video of Rio 2016 Olympian Ginny Thrasher below:

French Olympian Terribly Breaks Leg at Rio 2016

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French gymnast Samir Ait Said accidentally breaks leg in half while performing in Rio 2016 Olympics. You can see from the video below how he landed and twisted causing his leg to break in half.

Video of Rio 2016 Olympian breaks leg below:

Team USA vs China at Rio 2016 Olympics Basketball

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Basketball team USA opens and claimed victory from China at Rio 2016 Olympics. The score 199-62 shows how good and prepared Team USA this Olympics event.

Video of Rio 2016 Olympics Team USA vs China below:

Rio 2016 Olympics Sexiest Athlete

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Rio 2016 is a major international multi-sport event attended by thousands of athletes from different countries of the world. Here are 15 of the hottest female athletes whom not only competed but graced the event with their beauty.

Video of Rio 2016 Olympics sexiest athlete below:

Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony and Fireworks Display

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August 5th year 2016 marked new history for Olympics, being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Olympics opening ceremony is one of the most awaited and watched event. Countries hosted this prestigious event open the ceremony with so much festivity, and this year with so much fireworks display.

Video of Olympics part opening ceremony and fireworks display below:

New England Nate Ebner Joins Olympic Rugby Team in Rio 2016

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NFL New England Patriots player Nate Ebner has been selected and named by USA Rugby men’s Sevens coach Mike Friday to represent the country at the Olympics in Brazil.

It has been 92 years since Rugby was included in the Olympic Games, the last in 1924 when the United States won the Gold medal, a time when each team had 15 players each compared to today’s 12.

Nate Ebner was chosen as he was a star rugby player throughout his childhood learning it from his father Jeff who played college rugby. His accolades in rugby include being the youngest player to play for USA Sevens team, was named the MVP of the under-19 Junior World Championships, and MVP of the under-20 World Championship the following year.

Nate transitioned to football at the Ohio State and was selected sixth-round draft pick in 2012 by the Patriots to join the Special teams.

Nate Ebner has the go ahead approval of Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

NFL congratulates Ebner as the only active NFL player to play in the Olympics:

Patriots are excited for Ebner:

Nate Ebner has been training with the U.S. team for four months now and upon his selection he could be the third player to have a Super Bowl ring and Olympic medal. The two other men are “Bullet” Bob Hayes, of the Super Bowl VI Dallas Cowboys and won two gold medals in sprinting in 1964, and former San Francisco 49ers Michael Carter, who won a silver medal in shot put at the 1984 Games.

Jahvid Best is another NFL player who played for the Detriot Lions and will represent St. Lucia in the 100 meter sprint.

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