Paige Vanzant Calls herself Spicy Hot!


Paige Vanzant one of the hottest women in MMA thinks of herself as Spicy Hot, do you agree?

Paige Vanzant Cute Casual Photos

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Paige Vanzant is one of the Hottest MMA Female Fighters and we absolutely think she is cute outside of the Octagon.

Enjoy the collection of the some of the cutest casual photos of Paige Vanzant.

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Paige Vanzant Grilling in a Cute Bikini Outfit


Paige Vanzant is in full summer spirit showing us her grilling fondness of short-ribs for a Korean dinner, all done in a cute pink bikini outfit.

Paige Vanzant Grilling in Cute Pink Bikini
Paige Vanzant Grilling in Cute Pink Bikini

Paige Vanzant Beautiful Selfies


Paige Vanzant is one of the Hottest Female MMA Fighters. She is fierce in the Octagon but in front of the mirror she is beautiful. Enjoy the photos!

Paige Vanzant Beautiful Selfie in Pink and Black Bikini

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Anderson Silva asks Dana for Conor McGregor


Anderson Silva definitely wants another big payday to the tune of Conor McGregor level.

Both of them are excellent strikers with good ground game however the youth of Conor might just be too much for the Spider.

Anderson tells Dana that the fans want to see the biggest names fight. I am not sure about that, we want to see the biggest names fight during their prime not to step-in generations apart just for a big payday.

Image from Fight Network

Mackenzie Dern Showing off her Baby Bump


Makenzie Dern a BJJ world champion turned MMA and future UFC hopeful world champion is taking a break and happily showing off her baby bump.

It might take a while before we see her back in action.

Get a Worn Signed Tank Top of Felice Herrig


Felice Herrig will be at Team All Max at Booth #1101 from 1-3pm. She has some cool giveways specially for the first person to arrive which includes All Max Pump, shakers, t-shirt. Aside from that, you see that Tank top she is wearing? She is gonna sign that and give it away too!

UFC 207 – Ronda Rousey 3 Million Dollar Payday


UFC 207 Rousey Comeback 3 million payday
UFC 207 Rousey Comeback 3 million payday

Funny Internet Meme on the haters saying Ronda Rousey should have never comeback! A job is a job, and for most people they will work their ass off on minimum wage to put food on the table regardless of whether they love their work or not.

Ronda Rousey loves to fight, it is her job, it is her career. People spend a lot of money on gym membership and expenses to keep in shape! For $3 Million dollars she gets a sexy body, and does what she loves to do!

For 99% of the world population that will never earn that much money in their lifetime, Ronda Rousey payday can stop listening to all the people who says she shouldn’t have comeback!

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