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UFC 207: Nunes vs Rousey – She’s Back


UFC 207 is 29 days away and one of the first promo video on the fight of Rousey and Nunes is here. Nice theme, Ronda Rousey is back and we hope this would be a spectacular show.

UFC 207 Nunes vs Rousey Promo Poster

UFC 207 Nunes vs Rousey She’s Back
UFC 207 Nunes vs Rousey She’s Back

Ronda Rousey Still Mad At Joe Rogan after UFC 193 Loss


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It has been a long time now and 12 UFC fights have already gone by but it still reported that Ronda Rousey is still mad at Joe Rogan after her loss to Holly Holm in UFC 193.

This is according to Joey Diaz, friend of Joe Rogan, podcast with Dean Delray —

I went to this place and bumped into this guy — I’ve met this guy a few times, he’s a big time MMA guy — and he pulled me over to say how mad Ronda Rousey was at Joe Rogan. Not only Joe Rogan, but anybody in that time period that she got knocked out, anybody who said anything of a negative air… she’s just furious, and she has a long list, and she’s very angry.

transcript as reported by pepsiboycoke.

Do you believe that Ronda is still mad at Joe Rogan? Some comments from Reddit believe so:

[–]KayosssTeam – I don’t give a fuck! 813 points 2 days ago
Joe Rogan you just made the LIST!

[–]danny-flip 147 points 2 days ago
“You know what happens when you criticize Ronda Rousey… huh?… You know what happens when you say something negative… huh?… Do you?… … … YOU JUST MADE LIST!”

[–]HungrylikeTheFonz 20 points 2 days ago
I can see Joe getting Nancy Kerrigan’d in the near future.
By Edmond. Or Travis.

Joe Rogan praised Ronda Rousey after the loss calling her a “once in a lifetime athelete” however following comment were critical of Ronda:

It becomes this Hollywood trap. And Ronda was — and still is — a giant superstar. She’s this undefeated women’s fighter. She’s crushing all the competition, she looks like a destroyer and then the f****** traps…That’s something that happens when someone gets so absorbed with this idea that they’re special.

So absorbed with this idea — when you’re on top, you think you are the f****** person, you are the woman, you’re the man, you’re the s***. No one’s gonna f*** with you, I’m just going to run through this b****! And then you get cracked.

The only way for Ronda to get back at her detractors is to win UFC 207, who cares about Joe Rogan?

Turnaround for Bjorn Rebney now on the Side of the Fighters with MMAAA


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On Wednesday five UFC veterans have taken the first serious step to challenge the UFC and make lives better for its fighters by creating the fighters union Mixed Martial Arts Athlete Association (MMAAA).

When MMAAA was introduced Bjorn Rebney former President of Bellator was present with these comments — “What the association is going to achieve for the athletes is a settlement to address the past wrongs, driving up [the revenue split] to 50% up from 8%, and a benefits package that provides a safety net”.

This is a complete turnaround for Bjorn Rebney since he did not embody fighters welfare during this tenure as president of Bellator, he had a reputation for creating long-term contracts more punishing and restrictive than UFC.

Manager Jason Genet has this comments about Bjorn — “Bjorn created the most egregious working conditions ever to exist in combat sports. He forced fighters to sign with managers that would not question those contracts and punished those that did. He may be the most qualified to rid the sport of injustices that people like him ushered in or he will be the reason this fails. I will wait and see. None of my athletes will be involved.”

Not everyone is convinced of Rebney’s intention as former two division UFC champion Randy Couture said that Rebney’s motives are worth exploring. Couture has this comments — “I suspect that Bjorn is interested in creating an organization and being a promoter again and doing it with fighters, owned by fighters, sort of like what the Professional Bull Riders is. That’s my take on why Bjorn is involved here. It’s certainly more than just an advisor to fighters.”

Note that four of the five fighters leading this union are associated with Creative Artists Agency, a rival to WME/IMG who owns UFC. Is it possible that another group is going to be formed to compete against UFC. A group which already advocates fighter welfare, would split profits, provide healthcare is a big draw to get UFC fighters to move over or fighters to sign-up. Bjorn Rebney however denied these conspiracy theory and says they are all for the welfare of fighters.

Bjorn with his experience against the welfare of fighters would have a wealth of knowledge how the UFC organization is thinking and could be beneficial in negotiating terms with UFC and the success of MMAAA. It could also work against the success of MMAAA depending on the motive of Bjorn joining the union.

However this plays out our only concern is that fighters will be treated fairly and be given what is right for them.

UFC Fighters Fight to Unionize and Get What is Right


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UFC has 500 fighters under contract and while the big headlines are Conor McGregor earning $40 million dollars on UFC 205 most of the fighters are underpaid, getting their ass beaten, live broke and do not have basic privileges. UFC is loaded and just recently been sold for $4.2 billion dollars making it the largest purchase in sporting history.

On Wednesday five UFC veterans introduced the Mixed Martial Arts Athlete Association whose purpose according to the group statement —

“The association’s sole concentration is to fight for the rights of MMA fighters and force UFC’s ownership to dramatically alter the company’s decade-plus outrageous treatment of its athletes.”

One of the five veteran fighters is former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre who says —

“UFC without fighters is only three letters of the alphabet, It’s time for us to make our voice heard and make change happen for the best of the UFC and fighters.”

Georges St-Pierre says that UFC and not the fighters is the biggest opponent there is —

“We’re all afraid, but it’s time to join up. It’s a fight for what is right and what is wrong. We should never be afraid to stand up for our virtues.”

The five UFC veterans to lead this initiative are St-Pierre, Cain Velasquez, TJ Dillashaw, Tim Kennedy and Donald Cerrone who are all calling for more money, and improved healthcare and other protections.

Most of the fighters are left alone for themselves and as St-Pierre adds —

“I know a lot of fighters want to remain anonymous, but I’m telling you guys, come see us. It’s time to stand together.”

Organizing a union was first started a few years ago but it didn’t gain any traction as these moves were seen to be desperate attempts of fighters past their prime, bitter and angry. On a side not, most unions are seen to be like that, an attempt by the company to squash it. An anti-trust lawsuit was filed in 2014 by a number of UFC veterans but again it didn’t progress much.

The UFC was still a growing entity and being a private company its financials and how it paid its fighters were never highlighted until the Fertitta family sold it for 4.2 billion dollars to the WME/IMG group that eyes started rolling.

What makes fighters angry is that UFC is making a lot of money and in 2015 they made $600 million dollars in revenue and 2/3 of that came from fights. UFC was pressured by media to disclose how much they were paying their fighters and the executives gave a general sports answer that is was industry standard like any major American sports like baseball, basketball and football. Contrary to earlier statements by Fertitta that they were giving half to figthers as told to ESPN in 2012; though it is believed they were only paying around 15% of their revenue to the sweat and blood of its fighters.

When the MMAAA was introduced on Wednesday, former Bellator president Bjorn Rebney was there and commented — “What the association is going to achieve for the athletes is a settlement to address the past wrongs, driving up [the revenue split] to 50% up from 8%, and a benefits package that provides a safety net”.

Aside from the 501c6 status, the structure of the MMAAA is still not clear and more information like investors, board members, will be learned.

The association wants the UFC to negotiate with them ideally before the UFC’s media rights are up for renewal in 2018 where they are being paid $115 million dollars annually. The UFC organization is pushing for $4.5 billion dollars over 10 years as per reported by the Sports Business Journal.

The success of the MMAAA will depend on the determination and patience of its founding members as this could take time to take off the ground. This process might be long but it will only benefit the fighters of the sport and could only help in developing talent.

How does Conor McGregor Boxing License Impact UFC?

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On Wednesay, Conor McGregor has been issued a boxing license by the California State Athletic Commission and people are now excited to see Conor step on a boxing ring and make a name for himself. He already became the first UFC fighter to hold titles in two divisions after defeating Eddie Alvarez in UFC 205 and would want to add opportunities and fan base.

What does this mean to UFC? This is mostly a payday move and fighters has been complaining that UFC who has recently been sold for $4 Billion dollars is a billion dollar business built upon the sweat and blood of its fighters, fighters who are not paid well. Conor McGregor is one of the rare highest paid fighters in UFC who netted $40 million dollars in UFC 205 but he did bring in the viewers as UFC 205 brought in the highest gate sales in history with $17.7 million dollars followed only by the $13.5 million dollars in 1999 Lenox Lewis vs Evander Holyfield. UFC 205 also brought in 1.9 million PPV buys the biggest in the company’s history. Mayweather netted $230 million dollars for his fight against Pacquiao with a PPV buys of 4 million viewers. The $40 million payday of Conor McGregor on the 1.9 million PPV buys seems spare change to old school boxing.

While UFC fighters know this, Conor McGregor is in a position to demand as per his latest statement toward UFC — “If you want to come at me, if you want me to stick around and help service that debt and continue to push the company, bring me on board, for real. “I need to be set for life for this. If you want me to be truly on on board, then I need to be all-in on this proper, as an owner, and have an equity stake in the company. That’s what I’m looking for.”

While the boxing license doesn’t immediately mean Conor McGregor is going to fight Floyd Mayweather because Conor McGregor is under contract with UFC and there are only three scenarios where Conor can get a shot:

1. UFC willingly allows Conor McGregor to enter the boxing ring
2. UFC cashes in big with a Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather right
3. Conor McGregor finds a way to get out of contract from UFC

The only likely scenario that will happen here is #2 wherein UFC will make lots of money off this fight which would still mean nothing for Conor McGregor because his primary objective is to get a $100 million dollar payday on a boxing fight.

Given this scenario there isn’t going to be an immediate impact for UFC as they control the cards and while Conor is their biggest fighter, a single loss by Conor to an upcoming rematch with Nate Diaz or another fighter could exponentially drop his ratings again while UFC remains afloat.

Long-term impact would mean that a lot of fighters would be demanding for higher earnings or looking for a crossover to boxing. The pressure it would bring to UFC from a growing number of fighters with higher demands would keep on increasing and sooner or later UFC will have to make changes to their structure.

Conor McGregor boxing license is more of a wake-up call for now, but not strong enough to deliver a knockout punch on the UFC negotiating table.

Conor McGregor Gets California Boxing License


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Conor McGregor has been playing with the idea of fighting Mayweather in the boxing ring for several months now; but all of that had just been small talks and taunts until on Wednesday when McGregor has been issued a boxing license in the state of California.

According to the California State Athletic Commission executive officer Andy Foster — “He got a license today and a federal ID, He’s a California boxer now.”

The California State Athletic Commission issues around 1200 boxing license every year but none of them is newsworthy until McGregor who is the only fighter to hold titles in two divisions in UFC has gotten his. Conor McGregor is a huge name in UFC with a large fan base because of what he brings — spark, unfiltered loud mouth and most especially his fighting skills.

Andy Foster adds – “He’s qualified [as a boxer]. I’d love to see him fight in California. It just needs to be the right opponent. Certainly a high-level opponent. We’re happy to license him. We’re happy he’s a California fighter.”

His first boxing fight would probably be in California but expect to see him fight in other places as it is believed he is applying for licenses in other states.

McGregor hinted about a huge announcement after his last UFC fight at UFC 205 on Nov. 12 in New York after he defeated Eddie Alvarez, he however said he is going to be a father, but people still thinks he is keeping something more.

Conor is expanding his reach and options ad he has a knack for alienating organizations; he recently threatened to stay away from Las Vegas because of a dispute with the Nevada State Athletic Commission where he got fined $150,000 for throwing a water bottle at Nate Diaz.

After UFC 205 in New York, McGregor, who was stripped of the featherweight title last week, was outspoken in demanding an ownership stake in the UFC in return for the attention and revenue he has brought the company.

Highlight of Conor McGregor Versus Nate Diaz with Bloody Face


It was a victory for McGregor defeating Nate Diaz in UFC 202. Conor threw much more effective punches which sent Diaz home with a bloody face. The king is really back!

Video of UFC 202 Highlight Conor VS Diaz below:

UFC 202 – McGregor vs Diaz $28 Million Dollar Pay Day

UFC 202 - McGregor vs Diaz $28 Million Dollar Pay Day
UFC 202 – McGregor vs Diaz $28 Million Dollar Pay Day

BJ Penn went ahead and made an estimated earnings of McGregor and Diaz got for UFC 202.

In the estimate below is a quick breakdown of the earnings:

Conor McGregor UFC 202 Earnings
Fight purse: $3 million.
Reebok Sponsorship earning: $250.000.
PPV Share: $11.5 million.
Fight of the night bonus: $50.000.

Nate Diaz UFC 202 Earnings
Fight purse: $2 million.
Reebok Sponsorship earning: $250.000.
PPV Share: $10.5 million.
Fight of the night bonus: $50.000.

BJ Penn even included a show money for his vegas afterparty show, article on UFC 202 Conor vs McGregor Payday.

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