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Now that Explains the Fluid Movements of Holly Holm as she crosstrain in Ballet


Holly Holm Ballet Training

Holly Holms is enjoying her training and would like to add Ballet in her training as it helps balance and strength. The comments however do not focus on Holly Holm training, or ballet but her “behind” physical fitness.

Does Conor McGregor weight gain caused his downfall against Nate Diaz at UFC 196


Loyal fans and analysts try to find a reason for the loss of Conor McGregor at UFC 196 against Diaz. For these fans and loyal followers they need to believe the UFC superstar is still undestructable and the weight gain and decision to move up the weight division was a big mistake.

It doesn’t matter what they say as the fight clearly showed Conor was faster delivering more accurate blows that turned Diaz face into a big smashed tomato with blood all over him.

John Connor, McGregor’s strength and conditioning coach also doesn’t think the weight had any factor, the “Notorious” loss had little to nothing to do with his weight, and that McGregor weighed pretty much what he always does.

Connor also added “Conor fought at the weight that he walks around at – always,” — (transcribed by Seamus Raferty of

Conor McGregor Shows no Mercy against Conan O’Brien in UFC 2 PS4


You would think that Conor McGregor would take his time moving around and having fun against Conan, it is after all a video game.

Conor being Conor and the competitive person he is, wasted no time in delivering a combination of punches and finishing with a hammer fist pounding on the ground.

He is probably still hurting from his loss against Diaz, Conor needed something to get him back in a winning mode, it doesn’t matter if its in a video game.

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