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Grouper Video on: The Great Baseball Card Scheme (Minisode)

This one isn’t sorta good. It’s Lasorda good. Baseball legend (and pasta sauce failure) Tommy Lasorda makes a guest appearance after Rick and Grandfather Stratton try to corner the baseball card market with an interesting scheme. Shared by : Crackle On: Friday, October 24, 2008 Tags:   failure   Grandfather   interesting   try   legend   baseball   sauce   card   ricky   sorta   Silver   market   Pasta   appearance   guest   Rick   Corner   alfonso   spoons   Scheme   Schroder   Houseman   dbnuhdsuysd   DeKort   STRATTON   isn   Tommy   Great   makes   good   john   One   minisode   Keep Reading

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becky hammon

The Becky Hammon fever is getting hotter with fresh images: See the original post: becky hammon You can read more Becky Hammon News here — Becky Hammon – news and here — Becky Hammon Get your Becky Hammon gears, items, etc. at Becky Hammon – Shopping. Becky Hammon Shopping phpbayBecky Hammon, 5, “”, “”/phpbay Keep Reading

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