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Mike Francesa Fired at Iguodola then Praises him as a Winner

Mike Francesa New York’s #1 and host of WFAN-AM blasted Iguodola during the Game 2 NBA Finals between the Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors. At 8:07 PM on Sunday June 2 he has this to say — “Iguodala has absolutely nothing. Sad to watch. Series setting up well for Durant to be a hero.“:… Keep Reading

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Intermittent Fasting Helped to Shred 50lbs off Ben Sweeney

We love Weight Loss Success stories here at Sporati! Ben Sweeney has lost 50lbs and got ripped in the process with a combination of exercises and healthy diet. The former college athlete let himself go and pack in the pounds, feeling sick and can no longer run a 7-minute mile. While not being able to… Keep Reading

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Paige Vanzant Grilling in a Cute Bikini Outfit

Paige Vanzant is in full summer spirit showing us her grilling fondness of short-ribs for a Korean dinner, all done in a cute pink bikini outfit. View this post on Instagram Who else LOVES summer grilling??? 🤗🌶🔥 Tonight’s dinner is Korean short ribs and jazzed up green beans. I also very much love my grilling… Keep Reading

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Kawhi Leonard NBA Finals free-throw Record

Stephen Curry is the king of Free-throw shooting and before the Portland Western Conference Game he has never missed a 4th quarter playoff free-throw since 2015. But Kawhi Leonard has also proven he can calmly shoot free-throws as he have set an NBA Finals record of 16-16 free-throws despite losing to the Golden State Warriors… Keep Reading

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