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Stephanie McMahon Calls Out Ronda Rousey for WWE

Embed from Getty Images Ronda Rousey is being eyed by WWE to join them specially because she is a lifelong wrestling fan and have generated a lot of interest when she made an appearance together with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at WrestleMania 31. WWE chief brand officer Stephanie McMahon has publicly announced that she wants… Keep Reading

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Get Warmed Up before going to Holiday shopping!

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Perfect time for gift giving, and going out for shopping is fun yet tiring. You can shop online but the shipping now is costly, takes time to get delivered and sometimes inaccurate. So better go out and shop it yourself. It will be a long walk, falling in long line on the… Keep Reading

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Did you know Cinnamon has many Health Benefits?

This season, cinnamon is one of the most popular spice. From our hot yummy drinks to home seasonal scents. Cinnamon has a sweet scent, comforting taste and versatility which can be use in cooking different dishes and mostly desserts. Apart from being delicious, did you know that cinnamon spice has many health benefits? Here are my… Keep Reading

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Ronda Rousey Tells Conan O’Brien about Vin Diesel Secret

Ronda Rousey appeared on Conan O’Brien show on TBS today. It has been almost 2 years since Ronda Rousey last appeared on O’Brien’s show on February 2015 to promote UFC 184. She is now on the show to promote her #fearthereturn UFC 207 against Amanda Nunes. Among other things Ronda Rousey revealed to Conan O’Brien… Keep Reading

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Green Bay Packers Ugly Snowy Win Might Push Them to Playoffs

Embed from Getty Images On Sunday The Green Bay Packer had an ugly but hard fought win against the Houston Texas on a snowy afternoon. Regardless of the situation that get the job done and got the win column. This kind of tenacity shows what kind of a team the Green Bay Packers are made… Keep Reading

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What to avoid to prevent from having Fat Thighs?

This season is not for our thighs to show off, but we should always be ready for summer time or at least make it a reason to simple maintain a sexy slim thighs. Thigh fats are so difficult to get rid of because of cellulites. They are created from extra calories turn into fat cells… Keep Reading

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Western Michigan Broncos Plays for the Cotton Bowl

Embed from Getty Images I reported over the weekend that the Western Michigan Broncos deserved the Cotton Bowl appearance and a decision will be made by the selection committee. As you remember Western Michigan coach P.J. Fleck was confident of their chances — We deserve to be in the gosh darn Cotton Bowl, period. Write… Keep Reading

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Western Michigan Broncos Watch Party Cotton Bowl

Embed from Getty Images The Western Michigan Broncos 13-0 record is reason enough for coach P.J. Fleck to be hopeful for their inclusion in the Cotton Bowl. The announcement is going to be made on Dec. 4 and as such the Western Michigan University football is going to host the watch party on Sunday, Dec.… Keep Reading

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