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Grouper Video on: Becca’s Super Bowl Special

She's torn between cheering for the Colts and The Bears...who will she choose???? Shared by : Becca On: Thursday, February 01, 2007 Tags:   weird   super   CHEERING   bears   special   wtf   Becca   bowl   torn   Colts   mellencamp   superbowlvideo   between   choose   football   john   she   chicagobears   Keep Reading

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Grouper Video on: LG Super Bowl Commercial

Check it out, a sneak preview of the upcoming TV ad from LG Electronics Canada. Catch the full clip as part of the Super Bowl XLI broadcast on Sunday, February 4th on Global Shared by : SUYS On: Wednesday, January 31, 2007 Tags:   Sneak   Commercial   Sunday   Broadcast   Clip   canada   super   preview   upcoming   bowl   February   XLI   electronics   global   Full   Catch   Check   Part   out   Keep Reading

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Grouper Video on: Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show CBS CENSORED!

The Lost Super Bowl Halftime Show that CBS Censored, but found it! Hosted by Rosie Odonnell & Donald Trump with Cameo appearances by The Rolling Stones, Bono, Lindsay Lohan, Prince, Michael Jackson, Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, James Brown, and others! Shared by : ourcountry On: Monday, January 29, 2007 Tags:   brown   prince   super   jackson   hilary   bears   hosted   Cameo   lohan   bowl   Clinton   pepsi   others   Halftime   appearances   Lindsay   miami   XLI   Rosie   Odonnell   Donald   Trump   Bono   Barack   Obama   Colts   rolling   James   stones   show   found   CENSORED   OURcountry   CBS   lost   michael   Milonakis   Keep Reading

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