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7 Tips for a Trimmer You

Gain weight from holidays? So much party, still feeling bloated and trying to cut down calories. This time you wanted to feel better and lose some weight. With so many resolutions losing weight is one of the most difficult to achieve. To lose some pounds this year here are 7 simple tips you can take to More Info »


Becoming the Best Possible Version of Ourselves in 2017

It is a brand new year! 2017 year of the Rooster. This time of the year we come up to a realization what we had achieved and accomplished last 2016. A time for resolutions, new set of goals or new strategies to meet last year’s goal. One of them for sure is how to be the More Info »

UFC 207 Nunes vs Rousey

UFC 207 – Amanda Nunes Wins vs Ronda Rousey

Fight Info UFC 207 – Amanda Nunes vs Ronda Rousey Location: Las Vegas, Nevada SAT. DEC. 30, 2016 Amanda Nunes: 13-4-0 Ronda Rousey: 12-1-0   Amanda Nunes Wins by Fight stoppage vs Ronda Rousey,   Fight Scores Amanda Nunes: 27/47 Strikes, 0/0 Takedowns, 0 Submission Attempts Ronda Rousey: 7/14 Strikes, 0/0 Takedowns, 0 Submission Attempts More Info »

UFC 207 Cruz vs Garbrandt

UFC 207 – Cody Garbrandt Wins Unanimous Decision vs Dominick Cruz

Fight Info UFC 207 – Dominick Cruz vs Cody Garbrandt Location: Las Vegas, Nevada SAT. DEC. 30, 2016 Dominick Cruz: 22-1-0 Cody Garbrandt: 10-0-0   Cody Garbrandt Wins by Unanimous Decision (48-46, 48-47, 48-46) vs Dominick Cruz,   Fight Scores Dominick Cruz: 177/249 Strikes, 5/6 Takedowns, 1 Submission Attempts Cody Garbrandt: 51/107 Strikes, 1/2 Takedowns, More Info »