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Lebron James on Lakers Urgency


Lebron James doesn’t think the Los Angeles have any sense of urgency after losing their game against the Pelicans.

Lebron’s maturity and his goal is way different compared to the younger guys except Rondo.

He cannot teach this overnight and he might not enough time on his prime for this.

Kobe Bryant Retires on Monster Offense Scoring 60 points


Kobe Bryant finishing his career on a monster offense by scoring 60 point against the Utah Jazz to lead the Lakers to a 101-96 win.

Kobe scored 17 of the final 21 points of the Lakers while providing the assists on the other 4 points. Kobe made the go ahead jumper shot with 30 seconds remaining.

Bryant shot 44% on 22 field goals against 50 attempts which entered the record books as the NBA single-game record for field goal attempts. Kobe finished with 60 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 steal and 1 block shot.

Kobe spoke after the game for the final moment and the most memorable one says “Mamba out,”.

Reaction from Kobe Bryant’s 60 point career ending games below:

Even Lebron has respect for Kobe’s 60 points

I can’t say the 60 points upstaged the Warriors 73 wins, let us just focus on the 60 Magic

Even wife of Stephen Curry was slammed on her status on a Warriors historic night

This one is nice and one of the best inspiration for Kobe, which is to be able to show his kids his game, leaving a lasting great game memory

Can’t help but put Michael Jordan in the conversation

Congratulations and thank you Mamba!

Kobe Bryant 60 points

Kobe’s Newfound Attitude Helped Lakers Against Denver


Gone are the days that people criticize him for being an individualistic player as he has proven once more that his leadership abilities would make his teamates become better. Five of the Los Angeles Lakers finished with double figures as they won against Allen Iverson led Denver Nuggets 123-104 on Friday.

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