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The Saints Historic Drive Against the Eagles to NFC title game

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The New Orleans Sainst was down 14-0 but made a historic 11-minute and 29-second drive that fueled a comeback win 14-20 and push them to the NFC title game. The drive took 18 plays, 92 yards the longest in the Saints history and by any team in the last 20 years.
Drew Brees threw two touchdown passes including the go-ahead points to Michael Thomas to secure their win.

Saints guard has this to say — “It was tough. I mean, it was one of the hardest drive I’ve been a part of, Saints guard Larry Warford said of a drive that actually lasted 22 plays and forced the Saints to gain a total of 117 yards because of three offensive penalties and one defensive penalty. I was out of breath getting down there … and everybody is tired. But you smell the end zone and you can’t give it away. You worked too hard for it when we were driving, and we finished it.”

Drew Brees has this to say — “I’m not sure if that’s a record. We went on a 117-yard drive to take the lead in the third quarter and really didn’t look back. That was the turning point the game.”

The historic 18 play drive is below:

Down Yard line Play
1st & 10 NO 8 Mark Ingram 1-yard run
2nd & 9 NO 9 Incomplete pass; defensive-holding penalty on Eagles
1st & 10 NO 14 Ingram 4-yard run
2nd & 6 NO 18 Drew Brees 8-yard pass to Ted Ginn Jr.
1st & 10 NO 26 Alvin Kamara 1-yard run
2nd & 9 NO. 27 Brees 11-yard pass to Michael Thomas
1st & 10 NO 28 Brees 6-yard pass to Keith Kirkwood
2nd & 4 NO 44 Kamara 1-yard run
3rd & 3 NO 45 Brees 9-yard pass to Josh Hill
1st & 10 PHI 46 Brees incomplete pass
2nd & 10 PHI 46 46-yard TD pass called back on holding penalty
2nd & 20 NO 44 Brees 20-yard pass to Thomas
1st & 10 PHI 36 Tre’Quan Smith 5-yard run
2nd & 5 PHI 31 Kamara 4-yard run
3rd & 1 PHI 27 Kamara 1-yard run
1st & 10 PHI 26 3-yard pass called back on holding penalty
1st & 20 PHI 36 Brees incomplete pass
2nd & 20 PJI 36 Brees 4-yard pass to Kamara
3rd & 16 PHI 32 Brees 20-yard pass to Thomas
1st & 10 PHI 12 False-start penalty
1st & 15 PHI 17 Kamara 15-yard run
1st & goal PHI 2 Brees 2-yard pass to Thomas, touchdown

Wide Receiver star Michael Thomas finished the game with 12 catches for 171 yards and the TD.

The Saints have their hands full against the high offensive output of Los Angeles Rams next week.

Darren Sharper NFL ex-Safety Sentenced to 20 years in Prison

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Darren Sharper who played as safety for Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints, was sentenced by a Los Angeles Superior Court to 20 years in prison on Tuesday. The sentence is Darren’s plea agreement for drugging and raping women in four states.

Judge Michael Pastor, who presided for the sentence hearing, has this comments about Sharper — “horrible conduct, disgraceful abuse of trust”.

The first victim known as Jane Doe 2 has this testimony — “I started vomiting, my head was pounding and I had trouble seeing clearly.” Jane Doe 2 notes that the incident is “the worst night of my life.” Jane Doe 2 adds — “The only good thing about this situation is that this disgusting low-life human will be sent to prison for many years and is likely he will never be able to do to this to another woman again”

Sharper, 41, has already served two years in prison while awaiting sentencing and after 8 years he can apply for parole.

Cam Newton Week 11 Fantasy Football

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Every Fantasy app and site suggested to start Cam Newton on Week 11 as they are expecting a huge game for last year’s MVP to lead the Carolina Panthers against the New Orleans Saints. Panthers’ receiver Kelvin Benjamin is believed to benefit from Cam Newton on this and would be a target to add fantasy points.

Cam Newton might have led the Panthers against the Saints but his performance is no where near fantasy numbers. He just finished with a little over 15 points on a 14-33 pass completion for 192 yards and a single touch down.

From this point onwards it is time to look elsewhere for QB fantasy points.

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