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For the first time in NFL history, the Super Bowl was a rematch. Jim Kelly and the Buffalo Bills were looking to get over the Super Bowl hump and doubly wanted …

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This NFL’s video is titled Super Bowl XXVIII Recap: Cowboys vs. Bills | NFL and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:03:28, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Why are they showing Cowgirls highlights? What did this happen back in like 1971? Fast forward to present day, and the Cowgirls are some dog shit. FACTS

  2. Good ole days back to back champs aint to many teams been able to do that. We need dat doomsday defense again plus another Emmit. Dallas Cowboys 4 Life!!!!

  3. is yall talking about the bills they suck but they are mi home rown team so ya got talk about a different. tea and dont ever talk about ny gaint i will roast all of yall

  4. Talk about the Pats losing twice to the Giants, but how do you lose 4 straight Super Bowls? How could anyone still be a Bills fan after that?

  5. classic NFL was great at that time unlike today we have nothing but cry baby SJW BLM player today where did it goes wrong

  6. I remember as a 10-year-old thinking at halftime that the Bills were going to take this thing. That didn’t go so well… I cried. ?

  7. The Bills were a very talented team. They won their games because of it. I just didn't think they had killer instinct. When a team hit them back they couldn't get up and keep returning punches. They didn't appear to hate losing enough. In Super Bowls, anyway.

  8. I noticed something as I was looking at some photos that were taken of this Super Bowl. In a photo of Thurman Thomas fumbling after being hit by Leon Lett (Washington's fumble return td play),you can see a Cowboy(Tony Casilias I think) with his hands on a Bills offensive lineman's facemask. That should've been called a hands to the face penalty on the Cowboys and the fumble wouldn't have counted and the Bills would've retained the ball!

  9. It's crazy that after this Superbowl win Jerry would go on to fire Jimmy Johnson simply because of his ego. Smh. It cost you at least a couple more Superbowls Jerry. Was it worth it? Considering Cowboys haven't gone back I already know the answer.

  10. It was Jason Garrett's fault why the Dallas Cowboys couldn't make it to the Super Bowl good riddance loser We just became real contenders of super bowl 55 super bowl 56 and 57

  11. I'm a huge Cowboys fan but the biggest play in that game was the Thurman Thomas fumble. That turned the whole game around. To not even mention it is horrible

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