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Bucky Brooks uses Next Gen Stats to preview the defensive matchups in Super Bowl 50. Subscribe to the NFL YouTube channel to see immediate in-game …

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This NFL’s video is titled Panthers vs. Broncos: Whose Defense is Superior? | Next Gen Stats | NFL and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:05:19, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Panthers fan here but 4:14 the chart on Cam for the conference games showed Cam had 0 INT when he did throw 1 against the Cardinals

  2. The Broncos deserve to win Peyton manning is retiring and it would be the best super bowl ever if Denver wins

  3. I try to avoid commenting because when I give credit to the teams we play I get called a bandwagon even though I'm a fan since 2008, but this Denver defense is unbelievable but so is Carolina's. This is one championship that will ultimately come down to offense. Good thing we don't still have Delhomme to throw 5 pics in the most important game of the year (2008 NFC championship) should be an amazing super bowl

  4. Broncos are better at pass rushing on the edge with Demarcus Ware and Von Miller but the panthers have a better interior pass rush. The panthers have one great defense back in Josh Norman and everyone else is mediocre at best. The Broncos have great defense backs in Talib, Roby, Ward. The panthers have better Linebackers but don't sleep on the Broncos linebackers, in my opinion the Broncos have better single talent on their defense but overall the panthers defense knows how to play with each other which makes them a dominant force and better than the Broncos defense

  5. Denver just won so you just have to tip your hat.With that being said,Carolina's defense played good enough to win as well.12 penalties for over 100 yrds and -2 in the turnover department was the deciding factor

  6. Interesting game Panthers vs Broncos, from that game anything is possible, will the Golden State Warriors win the final again

  7. Most of you people had a problem with Cam before the game for reasons that had zero to do with how he responded to the biggest loss on a world stage he's ever faced. 

    What quarterback you have seen in the NFL not be livid/pissed when all game you're staring at the Defense in your face constantly because your O-line was collapsing almost every other play. A super bowl, and you get sacked 7 times, would have been more had Cam not been as athletic as he is (would have also caused a safety at the end of the game). 

    The guy took a beating all night and that press conference was nothing short of people asking the same question over and over in different ways. 

    That said, I like Cam and I will continue to support Cam but i'm not going to sit here and compare how he handled the largest disappointment he's ever faced on a staged i've never experienced.

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