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The Blackout Game. Super Bowl XLVII was a better game than to be rememberd for a technical issue after half time, as the Ravens sought to give Ray Lewis one …

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  1. Man what a sweet playoff run. Finally defeating the one guy who consistently had our number, in HIS house nonetheless. Then the revenge game vs the Patriots after the previous year's heartbreaker. And then capped it off with a win in the Super Bowl!

  2. I remember watching this game and wanting the Ravens to win so badly. The SF Giants had just beaten the Cardinals (My Favorite Team) in the MLB Playoffs the previous year, and I just thought. San Fran doesn't need another ring just yet. Go Ravens.

    Haha. I was happy to begin that year.

  3. Another thing that I remember about this game, was how hard my friends and I laughed when the lights went out. I kept making the 'Nosferatu' joke with my friends when the lights kept flickering. It was a great night for football and Friends that night.

  4. NFL,
    Super Bowl XLVII,
    Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers,
    First Half,
    1st Qtr,
    Ravens 7-0 49ers,
    Ravens 14-0 49ers,
    Ravens 17-0 49ers,
    Ravens 24-0 49ers,
    2nd Qtr,
    Ravens 24-3 49ers,
    Ravens 24-6 49ers,
    Halftime Score (Ravens 24-6 49ers),
    Second Half,
    3rd Qtr,
    Ravens 31-6 49ers,
    Ravens 34-6 49ers,
    4th Qtr,
    Ravens 34-14 49ers,
    Ravens 34-21 49ers,
    Ravens 34-24 49ers,
    Ravens 34-31 49ers,
    Final Score (Ravens 34-31 49ers),
    That's What The Scoring of The Game Should've Been And There is Not One Safety Scored in The Scoring of
    Super Bowl XLVII.

  5. I hate the Ravens mostly for Art Modell moving them from Cleveland and there just a dirty organization but I was glad they won this one cause I hate Colin KeaperDICK and them betting us in Playoffs

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