Watch NFL Super Bowl XLVII: "The Harbaugh Bowl" aka "The Blackout" | Ravens vs. 49ers | NFL Full Game

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In honor of Super Tuesday the NFL presents Super Bowl XLVII, The Harbaugh Bowl! 00:00 – Start 9:54 Flacco 13-yard TD Pass to A. Boldin 32:12 L. James …

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This NFL’s video is titled Super Bowl XLVII: "The Harbaugh Bowl" aka "The Blackout" | Ravens vs. 49ers | NFL Full Game and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 02:39:05, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. 9:54 Flacco 13-yard TD Pass to A. Boldin

    32:12 L. James Fumble

    39:30 Flacco 1-yard TD Pass to D. Pitta

    41:59 Ed Reed Intercepts Kaepernick

    49:17 Ravens Fake Field Goal Attempt

    56:10 Flacco 56-yard TD Pass to J. Jones

    1:07:49 J. Jones 108-yard Kickoff Return for TD

    1:13:27 Superdome Losses Power

    1:26:59 Kaepernick 31-yard TD Pass to Crabtree

    1:33:11 F. Gore 6-yard TD Run

    1:37:25 Ray Rice Fumble

    1:55:36 Kaepernick 15-yard TD Run

    2:11:29 Start of Kaepernick game-winning drive attempt

    2:15:26 Ravens Goal Line Stand

    2:27:54 Final Play

  2. Do NFL fans realize just how great of a receiver Anquan Boldin was? I’m a Cardinal fan and was happy to see him win a Super Bowl. His 2003 rookie year was something else, and he was tough as nails.

  3. I remember this one well. I watched it in a casino. Bet the Ravens against the beliefs of several friends and co-workers. My logic was that Kaepernick was overdue for a bad game against a good defense with two weeks to prepare. Made my "big" bet (probably small to a lot of others) taking the points and made a smaller money line bet. Sure enough he had some bad plays in the first half and I thought I had both in the bag but he bounced back nicely in the second half. So I went from calling both bets in the bag to sweating out the money line bet at the end. i think the spread was somewhere around 6, I know the Ravens had a cover ATS no matter what happened on that last SF drive.

  4. I remember watching this when I was younger, was from Maryland and was a ravens fan but young me liked the 49ers more so when they lost I cried just cause they were the color red I liked them

  5. The most underrated Super Bowl match in sports-entertainment history

    At Super Bowl LV in 2021, my preditions is the 2× Super Bowl winner and should to the next AFC Champion Baltimore Ravens would face the next NFC Champion Minnesota Vikings… It's North vs. North Purple vs. Purple

  6. Just here to watch Greg Roman abandoning the run when the chips are down even though it got them there and got them to the goal line for chance to win the game. Only to throw 3 straight fade passes to Crabtree and not a GOAT fade catcher like Moss

  7. That last stand could have been a score!!! Damn! What's crazy is that Kaps life would be way different now, I'm willing to bet, if he had WON that Superbowl! Which sucks! Dude was pretty damn good!

  8. I can’t believe nobody talks about how genius the safety was and having EVERYONE HOLD during the play. It was so genius that not a single flag was thrown because the refs were in shock.

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