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In honor of Super Tuesday the NFL presents Super Bowl 3, Joe Namath’s guarantee! 00:00 – Start 23:35 Lou Michaels misses 27-yard FG 33:00 George Sauer …

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This NFL’s video is titled Super Bowl III: "Joe Namath's Guarantee" | Jets vs Colts | NFL Full Game and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 02:10:12, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. 23:35 Lou Michaels misses 27-yard FG

    33:00 George Sauer fumbles ball after 3-yard reception.

    35:30 Earl Morall is intercepted in the end zone

    43:50 Matt Snell rushes for 4-yard TD

    49:42 Lou Michaels misses 46-yard field goal

    55:36 Jim Turner misses 41-yard field goal

    58:32 Jets intercept Earl Morrall at their 2-yard line

    1:06:40 – Earl Morrall throws third interception to end the first half

    1:10:18 – Tom Matte fumbles ball, recovered by Jets

    1:16:35 – Jim Turner makes 32-yard FG

    1:28:11 – Jim Turner hits 30-yard FG

    1:29:12 – Johnny Unitas enters game for the first time

    1:38:30 – Jim Turner makes FG

    1:43:24 – Johnny Unitas is intercepted by Randy Beverly

    1:49:30 – Jim Turner misses 42-yard FG

    1:52:48 – Jerry Hill rushes for 1-yard TD

    1:54:40 – Colts recover onside kick

    1:58:40 – Jets stop Colts on fourth down to seal victory

  2. "The Curse of the Guarantee": Some Jets fans think that the Jets were cursed by Namath's guarantee, but there could be another curse: The Curse of David "Sonny" Werblin: Werblin was President of the Jets from 1963 to right before the 1968 season, when he was forced out by Jets ownership (Leon Hess). Werblin (together with George Sauer Sr.) built the Super Bowl-winning Jets, including the key signings of Matt Snell and Joe Namath. Jets failures since 1969 could be attributed to the shabby treatment Werblin received at the hands of the Jets' owners. (Howard Cosell often referred to Werblin as "Sonny as in Money" Werblin). The Curse of Werblin is attributed to Star Ledger sports columnists Jerry Izenberg and Sidney Zion. Well, it's another sports legend. Werblin died in 1991, but we Jets fans are still waiting!

  3. What happens at 1 Hr 49 minutes..all of a sudden after Jim Turners missed Field Goal Unitas is on the Jets 20 yard line like magic..where is the section of how he got there???

  4. 1:06:40 The play of the game, the season… maybe the century.

    Watch as the players break the huddle. The day has been overcast… until THIS play.

    The Colts are planning a trick play. A flea-flicker. It would have worked… BUT!

    Look at the shadows before the play started.

    Morrall lost Orr in the sun. That's what actually happened. The clouds broke at exactly the right moment.

    And by the next play… the shadows were gone again. They were there for one play – and it was absolutely crucial. Just incredible – but if you watch it, also inevitable.

  5. 1969,What a great year for the Jets!, I remember nothing, I'll never forget.

  6. I’m both a bills and jets fan so whenever I’m sad that the bills lost 4 Super Bowls I watch this game

  7. Tom Mitchell Slamming his Helmet In Johnny Sample face Wow No flags today Mitchell would have gotten his Ass Kick Even by his Own teammates Pulling A Stunt Of this Nature. He was An AFL reject Can you believe That getting Cut by the AFL

  8. Those where the days of glory football jets great back then sports commentary was superb antelling people out there true meaning of the sport

  9. This was.First.Super.Bowl.I.watched.As.a.5.years.old.With.My.Father.and.Mother.RIP.Mr.Calvin.Bealer.and.Mrs.Mrs.Martha.Jane.Bealer.

  10. Why is there a gap in the 4th quarter between Turner's missed FG and we jump to the Colts inside the Jets' 15??? ???

  11. Wonder why Baltimore didn't kick the FG on 4th down on their last possession? They had to do an inside kick again anyway…

  12. 2:01:14 Future Steelers' coach Chuck Noll, talking with Shula on the sideline. He later said he felt the Colts were too tight going into the game. So when Pittsburgh went to their first Super Bowl in 1974, Noll told them to go out and enjoy New Orleans for a few days, which helped them enter the game more relaxed.

  13. Commentator when they get a first down:
    Commentator when they score a 50 yrd td: inaudible noises

  14. Dang, man..curt gowdy !!!…this 70 year old man just walked into a time warp and is 16 all over again…great upload…great memories !!!

  15. Al DeRogaitis was always speculating on what the teams might be getting ready to try and things never went that way. Useless color man.

  16. Of All The Super Bowl games pre 1970 this is the sole one that could not be played again in today's league, they could play in the Conference Championship game (2009 AFC Championship Game) but Jets and Colts in the Super Bowl can never happen again

  17. Probably the last time they call it the AFL/NFL World Championship game before calling it the Super Bowl. After that they just called it Super Bowl IV next year.

  18. Colts should have gone for the field goal when they got close after the onside kick to make it 16-10 and get within one possession. Extend the game. By going for it on 4th down and getting nothing there, the game was effectively over.

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