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Take a look back at the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers historic hard-hitting 2008 AFC Championship Game. Subscribe to NFL: …

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This NFL’s video is titled Troy Polamalu Sends Pittsburgh to the Super Bowl | Ravens vs. Steelers | Grudge Match | NFL NOW and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:06:21, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. I'm a ravens fan but seriously we need a new Qb we have a terrible one and slightly over the years he's gotten better, but still he always the something stupid at the last second when they are losing by 1 or 2 points.

  2. I still remember that game…that play by Troy just made the rest of that day better. Ike was dead on when he said that the Ravens stole our recipe…I've ALWAYS thought that.

  3. Troy could have been a running back if he wanted to. And in that game right there, the two best safeties of all time were on the field together.

  4. from one poly to another Troy you a bad boy bruh so humble but dangerous. you are missed by all even a pats fan like me

  5. Whoever won was going to win the Super Bowl. What if the Eagles won the NFC Championship? Sorry Dameshek, remember week 3 earlier that year when the Eagles whooped the Steelers 15-6? That wouldn't have ended well. What if the Ravens did beat the Steeler, and went on to face the Cardinals?

  6. The Steelers have won the majority of games overall, 3/4 of the playoff games, and the only afccg in this rivalry. Also they are the only one to have a 3 game sweep in a single season in this rivalry

  7. As a steeler fan I still think sean Taylor is the best safety of all time even though he died and only played for 3 years he was just good at everything too bad he died??

  8. I remember watching this game, I was truly in awe of troy, just a few years later he would cause a fumble and turnover on ravens QB.

  9. I miss when Steelers were the best team in the NFL, if not, one of the best. Oh man how times have changed.

  10. People who havent followed football at this time have missed out on one of the biggest rivals in NFL history. They try not to disrespect other big rivals from way back but given sometime these games between the Steelers and Ravens will be the True definition of a hated but respected rival

  11. Each year these two played one another it was always the same except a few blow out here and there. Mainly it was #1 d vs #2 d, it was big hitting, memorable plays, always down to the final min, usually 3 points or less of victory, they respected each other but hated each other, lots and i mean lots of quotes from players, u earned every yard u gained.

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