Did you know Cinnamon has many Health Benefits?

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Benefits of Sensational Cinnamon to our Body

This season, cinnamon is one of the most popular spice.

From our hot yummy drinks to home seasonal scents.

Cinnamon has a sweet scent, comforting taste and versatility which can be use in cooking different dishes and mostly desserts.

Apart from being delicious, did you know that cinnamon spice has many health benefits?

Here are my short list;

Nutrient-rich spice – it is high in manganese, fiber and calcium, plus loaded with anti-oxidants which helps our body fight diseases and get rid of body toxins.

Control blood sugar – study shows this spice helps slow digestion and reduce spikes in glucose levels which is good in maintaining blood sugar level.

Brain Boost spice – the sweet scent of this spice can increase brain activity. Use cinnamon based candles or fresheners in your house for some brain energy boost.

Good sugar substitute – it has a natural sweetness which makes it perfect choice or option especially if you want to cut some sugar intake. Use it as a topping on your hot drink or yogurt.

Common Colds and Pain Reliever – this spice is known for its ability to warm and soothe which can ease colds and flu like symptoms. Also, it has anti-inflammatory properties which helps stiff joints, sore muscles and arthritis pains. Add cinnamon to your drinks.

Spices are really known for so many health benefits, so now add some cinnamon on your list of most favorite and healthiest.


Enjoy your hot cocoa!

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