Watch NFL Julian Edelman Makes Ridiculous Catch! | Patriots vs. Falcons | Super Bowl LI Highlights

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New England Patriots receiver, Julian Edelman, makes ridiculous diving catch on the game-tying drive of Super Bowl LI! Subscribe to NFL: …

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This NFL’s video is titled Julian Edelman Makes Ridiculous Catch! | Patriots vs. Falcons | Super Bowl LI Highlights and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:01:32, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Aikman's 'My god' just makes the replay with the crowd's dead silence. It is like the world's WTF?!!?!? moment.

    The Tecmo Bowl reenactment of this game was best video EVA'!!!!

  2. I do not take away the credit to Edelman for staying focused throughout the whole play, but it looked like the ball had zero gravity for a split second. After examining the replays, there is no logical way for the ball not to nose dive to the grass. Edelman didn't flick it up toward himself, but rather some force kept the ball off the ground enough for him to snag it.
    It would be a shame for 21st century sports to rig their games by using technology to alter games much like video games do in the "difficult" setting. Either way the defense could have better prevented this opportunity. Kudos to the beneficiaries of altered or unaltered plays. Let alone biased officiating! yikes!

  3. If the falcons not cursed i dont know what else 2 say. Robert Trash Alford should of intercepted that ball. In superbowls aint no time 4 tips u catch the damn ball. Tips lead to stuff like that.

  4. The catch was impressive. But it does not beat the Tyree catch. It was a bad throw that got tipped and he got under it. Not a threaded needle going up against a huge safety. Not to mention 2 defensive lineman had Eli's jersey and he was able to escape their grasp. In this play Brady is just hanging out in the pocket with barely any pressure.

    So good catch. But nowhere near Tyree and Eli

  5. Unfortunately as a Falcons fan, this is ironically one of my favorite super bowls ever to watch. The most amazing catches came from this game. Two god like recievers playing for the lombardi. An exciting comeback. Nail biting action. What more could you ask for?

  6. greatest catch in NFL history. It isn't a better play than Tyree because Eli's scramble from a sack is half of what makes that play great plus the circumstances, but this is a far more difficult catch and in equally tough historic circumstances.

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