Watch NFL Robert Alford Pick 6 Off Tom Brady! | Patriots vs. Falcons | Super Bowl LI Highlights

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Atlanta Falcons defensive back Robert Alford makes one of the biggest plays of the first half, when he intercepts Patriots QB Tom Brady and takes it 82 yards for …

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This NFL’s video is titled Robert Alford Pick 6 Off Tom Brady! | Patriots vs. Falcons | Super Bowl LI Highlights and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:01:15, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Although this was a year back, Robert Alford was epic, he was like a 2nd best Corner back, but everything fall's with Matt Ryan in the end, Hard work means nothing when you didn't won the Superbowl. Falcon's were so close to the exit, but it takes one screw up just to lose. I mean The Baltimore Ravens had the same struggle as the falcons were back in Superbowl 2012, but The Falcons had Great Defense, but it didn't match up with how the Ravens have played.

  2. This was the most successful play of that super bowl when it comes to the falcons. One day…we’ll have a lombardi. This game still hurts me

  3. And to think the falcons won this game but only scored one more touchdown after getting blown out in the second half ? Patriots losing to the Rams tho

  4. Such a shame they called this game at halftime, would have been great to see the Falcons demolish Brady even more

  5. The Falcons continued their aggressive gameplay. They decided that they would attempt to fool Tom Brady. Yes, their young defense would attempts to fill the elite veteran. But it worked. The Falcons switched their coverage this drive. Throughout the game they were blitzing 5, and doing press man coverage. Throughout this drive, they switch to cushion man and the safeties go into drop back zones, while they blitz 4. Occasionally on this drive, they did all out zone. Brady has to wait until the ball is snapped to know if the Falcons are in man or zone, then is experienced enough to make a good decision. Brady had the play. Bunch 3 on the left and do crossing routes. Edelman is the widest and set to do a quick slant, Bennet is in the middle and is doing a flag, and Amendola is coming behind Edelman and then going on a slant. On the right side of the ball, Hogan is doing really nothing, and the running back James White won’t be doing much either. The play resolved around this left side. If the Falcons are in man coverage, Edelman will be open. If they are in zone coverage, Amendola will be open. Couldn’t be easier for Brady right? Well what the Falcons did was simply just trick Brady into thinking they were in zone, when in reality they were in man. The Falcons knew this play. They blitzed 4, overloading the side farther from the trips bunch. They put DeMarco Murray on press man with Hogan and Deion Jones on press man with White, knowing they weren’t getting the ball. But the coverage on the trips, is more complex. This is where they tricked Brady. Alford lined up parallel to Edelman, Campbell lined up parallel to Bennet and Poole lined up parallel to Amendola. See when Brady snapped the ball, he saw Alford drop back, making him assume that it’s zone coverage. But the reality is, that it was still man, but Edelman was just simply not being covered by Alford. Keanu Neal, the safety all the way on the other side of the field was covering Edelman. This left Safety Ricardo Allen to cover the entire deep part of the field himself because Alford’s job wasn’t dropping back, his job was actually just roaming around and reading Brady’s eyes. In reality, Edelman was open for a second, but because Brady thought it was zone, he thought Deion Jones was probably in a zone in the middle and that’s where Edelman was headed. With Amendola’s funky route, and how tight Poole was pre-snap, you couldn’t tell weather he was in man or zone. So Brady had to check Alford who was way back, and ended up tricking him into thinking it was zone. He didn’t even bother looking at Bennet. He thought he was heading to Alford’s “zone”. He didn’t need to look at Campbell in his mind. All Brady thought he had to do, was check Alford to see if they were in man or zone, and he throws to Edelman if they’re in man, and Amendola if they’re in zone. Alford tricked him into thinking its zone and he threw it to Amendola. Alford read Brady the entire time and came around Bennet and Campbell, that’s how nobody saw him, so when Brady threw it, he was right there to jump it. And THAT is how the young Falcons defense fooled the veteran (arguably goat) elite quarterback in to throwing the first pick 6 in the postseason is his career. Not that it ended up mattering though… bastard came back.

  6. As a Falcon fan, I thought this play sealed the win. Seeing them slowly implode was just brutal. Still have not recovered.

  7. Tom Brady's dive it's pure "Never give up" moment for me.
    At that time he shows how much he want to win and he won.

  8. This interception was really just another Jedi mind trick in Belichick's game of 14-dimensional Parcheesi. "If we throw a pick-6 here, it'll tip time-of-possession in our favor and tire out Atlanta's defense so much that we'll be able to comeback in the 2nd half."

    C'mon, you can't tell me it didn't work!

  9. This moment was like Braves fans watching the first two games of the '96 World Series thinking we were about to sweep that series and come back in '97 for more. The only difference being that at least the Braves won a title beforehand.

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