Watch NFL Tom Brady's Amazing Super Bowl LI Comeback | Patriots vs. Falcons | Super Bowl Player Highlights

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Tom Brady went 43/62 for 466 yards and 2 TDs in the Patriots Super Bowl 51 victory over the Falcons. Subscribe to NFL: Start your free trial …

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This NFL’s video is titled Tom Brady's Amazing Super Bowl LI Comeback | Patriots vs. Falcons | Super Bowl Player Highlights and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:03:52, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Who edited this footage? Left out one of the scores, the 2 point conversion and the final play to win.

    Happy Falcons Blow It Day 3/28.

  2. Been watching him for 12 straight year every game , this is the greatest qb all time . No debate can win with any team out there ..

  3. Best comeback in Super Bowl history hands down. Tom Brady is the best quarterback to ever live!

  4. If they had scored a td with 12 mins left after that 3rd and 1 to bennett, would've been 16-28 instead of 12-28. Crazy to think even after all that, then not getting a td there they still won. Insane game brady is the goat

  5. Brady is not the one who changed the losing offensive and defensive game plans they had into a winning one at half time. It was Bill Belichek. Guys, stop giving Brady credit for playing one half of terrible losing football and then one half of good football and saying that makes him the greatest ever. It was partly Brady's poor 1st half play that got them into the big hole in the 1st place.

  6. in terms of the situation both teams were in, time left and pressure on , this surpasses the egles comeback against the giants. that defenitely sold the GOAT spot to Tommy tom. Absolutely incredible day, this february 5ht 2017, greatest felling ive ever experienced. This was absolutely crazy as a pats fan!

  7. You can say your tired of seeing them in the super bowl but Every championship Brady and coach b played in it ended in no more of a 1 possession game , it's crazy to think this guy is shorter then a handful of plays from having 9 rings. We're witnessing greatness. Hate em or love em , think there cheaters? Video tapes? They won championships after that, deflated balls? Won 2 championships after that. They may not be in it this year. But as long as they are here. Watch out. They are on amother level. And I garentee you they will be right back next year. Barring a injury. Sit back and enjoy.

  8. 2:32 Tom Brady throws the game ending interception but gets bailed out that again. Most overrated player in the history of professional sports.

  9. When he pulled off that long run in the third, it was so out of character that you felt something might be building. Seeing Brady's slow ass chugging down the field had this weird, alternate reality moment to it where you thought, "Are we truly ready to count this guy out?"
    As soon as Tom hit that unreal pass in OT over the shoulder to Amendola on the sideline, that's when I knew it was over for sure. He marched the Pats down the field in a way that made me in complete awe. There was no stopping him once I saw that pass to Amendola.

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