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With former Denver Broncos running back and Super Bowl 32 MVP Terrell Davis entering the Pro Football Hall of Fame we look back at his career highlights.

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This NFL’s video is titled Terrell Davis' Hall of Fame Highlight Reel: 6th-Round Pick to Super Bowl MVP | NFL and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:07:00, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. I meet Him 2 times. Once after his rookie season and once after they won the Super Bowl against the Packers. He was the exact same person both times. Down to earth and extremely nice. If I ever meet him again it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he would be the same extremely nice person I met previously. He deserves to be in the HOF in my opinion I know there are a lot of people that disagree but Elway wouldn’t have went out on top if it wasn’t for Davis!

  2. Terrell Davis' regular season numbers alone didn't get him in the HOF. Look at this postseason numbers. No running back in the history of football has ever put up anything close to resembling those numbers. For example, Marshawn Lynch had an awesome 2014 postseason: 318 yards in 3 games at 5.0 ypc – those are elite numbers! In 1998 in 3 games, Terrell Davis went for 468 yards and 3 tds at 6.0 ypc. That doesn't even take TD's 1997 postseason into account.

  3. I discovered American football in NFL Europe with Barcelona Dragons, then I got the Madden 99 and I discovered T.Davis and the Broncos, was so amazed about Davids than later on, I've become a fan of NFL and the Broncos!

  4. Davis had the best season of all time from a running back in 1998. Over 2700 total yrds over 20 TDS. Close to 6 yrds per carry. 2000 yrd rusher super bowl champ. Op of the year . NFL mvp. Till this day no running back has did this achievement. And he was a sb mvp. Should have been in the hof sooner. Besides Barry and oj this dude was the best.

  5. Not a hall of famer in my book he only had four good years that's it injuries forced him to retire early and people forget he had the best oline in the NFL Mike shanahan made Terrell Davis

  6. Definitely the MVP of both Super Bowl years for the Broncos. Sure, Elway had a career worthy of his HOF, but TD and the OL were the reason for the SB victories. His ability to see the cutback lane and be through it was unparalleled, but the little thing that highlight reels don't show: He was almost never dropped for a loss. The other teams would stack 8 men in the box, and Denver would just run the exact same play up the middle 3 times in a row. The D would hit TD in the backfield and he would carry them for 3-4. They'd run it again, he'd do the same. They'd run it again and he'd break it for 20. He had power, vision, speed, and a quick cut. Saquan Barkley is the first modern RB I've seen that even comes close.

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