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Take a look inside the Atlanta Falcons historic 28-3 collapse to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI. Watch full games with NFL Game Pass: …

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This NFL’s video is titled The Worst Collapse in NFL History | Patriots vs. Falcons: Super Bowl LI Grudge Match | NFL and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:09:35, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. "Took a long time for that team, and city to get over with" that's not going to happen, a superbowl loss is never forgotten.

  2. This just shows you what a monster Tom Brady is people/players genuinely feel that if you're only 8 points ahead and he get's the ball that he's coming for you, and take you out in OT. In other words unless you're more than a full 8 points ahead before the last drive it's just not enough.

  3. I'm reading a lot of the comments nobody seems to understand that the Falcons didn't lose their perfect season 2 a wild card team

  4. Mariuchi you sound so….stupid , making excuses that the defense being young was too tired Lmao….you old fool. They weren't tired…they were dominated mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically by the greatest football team , quarter back and coaching staff in history ? Tell the truth…no excuses ! Period.

  5. Author Blank should have fired the entire coaching staff and Ryan on the spot. The players put them in a position to win and idiotic coaching decisions cost them the game. How can the players ever trust them again!

  6. patriots bandwagon overflowed after this superbowl…at least when the falcons win it wont be tainted.

  7. The problem was Atlanta stopped running the ball in the 2nd half because they wanted Matt Ryan to win the MVP

  8. Within that 3 year span since this Superbowl. Patriots have won 2 extra rings. Falcons franchise have yet to even get a taste of one yet touch one. That’s pretty saddening..

  9. Another year of bad football…..ATL pays Matt Ryan nine figures to be the turnover guru. Today he was sacked and fumbled and the other team recovered, how ironic, ain't this what happended in that Superbowl. Deja vu.

  10. As a Falcons fan, I can't believe the official NFL channel goes with this title for the video. Look, the Falcons made this the greatest game in SB history by dominating the Patriots for 3 1/2 quarters. It took two teams to make this amazing game. I liken it to two race horses. One is sprinting out of the gate but then fades down the stretch. Our D was winded. We made some horrible offensive calls, particularly the one to pass after Julio toe-dragged a catch in field goal range. There is plenty of ways to analyze what went wrong with the Falcons. Imagine if the Patriots were leading 28-3, then the Falcons tie it up at 28-28 and lost in OT. The history books would look at it as a valiant comeback attempt that fell short. The score would be the same.

  11. Yeah, safe to say at this point that the Falcons haven't gotten over this loss and I doubt they'll get back to the Super Bowl with Dan Quinn as their head coach.

  12. It's amazing these guys are suppose to be so smart. Atlanta stopped running the ball, 3 and out and the defense was on rhe field to much. Wanting to make Matt the mvp and lost the game. The Seahawks did the very same thing.

  13. The Bill Billlichik affect at its finest. Dan crumbled and wilted away because of Bill standing across the field. His mere presence turned Quinn’s brain to mush. The whole organization hasn’t recovered.

  14. The actual largest collapse was the 1993 wild card game against the Buffalo Bills and the Houston Oilers. The Oilers blew a 35-3 lead against the Buffalo Bills.

  15. Can't stand Shanahan, I'm glad SF lost the SB….run the ball stupid! Make them take their 3 TIMEOUTS! Pendejo!

  16. Matty Ice and Dan Quinn pooped themselves in the 4th quarter. They clammed up and tighten up in that one body part.

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