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Joel Embiid, 76ers (1st All-Star selection): In his second season, Embiid will be the first 76ers player with two or fewer years of experience to start an NBA …

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  1. Just relived some shining moments of Joel's Season. Its been an hour since Lebron signed with LA….I dont understand going to the Lakers over Philly?? Even if Magic trades for Kawhi, they'd have to give up picks and Brandon Engram or Kuzma, the Superstars in G.S. would still outweigh (LeBron & Kawhi-hypothetically) as James will eventually slow down. In Philly, you already have 2 Superstars who ARE YOUNG and have more potential to grow. LeBron played off the ball a lot in the course of his Career, I dont understand why people say he's "not a good fit with Simmons".. He was a GREAT FIT with Mo Williams and Mario Chalmers, a great fit with Kyrie who needs the ball just as much. To me, LeBron has lacked some common sense for such a smart guy, overthinking the situation. And to me, its cool! Philly will be alright. But LeBron, have fun in the Western Conference Finals for the remainder of your Career

  2. Why everyone calling out porzingis and saying embiid is great? Stop and take a second. I’m a 76ers fan but I can recognize that BOTH of these are fucking awesome. Both porzingis and embiid have some of the best game for bigs that I’ve seen it’s so fun to watch stop hating and just enjoy watching these 2 do their thing.

  3. From what I just saw, if Embiid can polish and perfect that hook shot and outside fadeaway, (and a little more bulk on his body) we will be witnessing the most complete/dominant center since Wilt Chamberlain. Joel will be able to drop 50-60 a game AT WILL when he gets his post skills perfected. I hope he doesn't go the shaq route and just rely on his physical dominance. Skills always beats physical attributes in the long run. We may be witnessing a MONSTER in the making people.

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