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Klay Thompson, Warriors (4th All-Star selection): An All-Star for the fourth consecutive year, Thompson (20.6 ppg) is shooting a career-high and NBA-best 45.3 …

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  1. Whoa? WHOA? What's the dislikes, people? How can you not think Klay deserved this? 20 PPG (and that's with playing with Curry and KD), great shooting numbers, elite defender. He earned this.

  2. PG got snubbed, but not because of Klay. Why the hate on Klay if PG is not on the list? GS still managed to get the win even without KD or Steph, with Klay playing, and quietly producing if not on offense, he can contribute a lot in defense. And people saying Booker is better, c'mon you're not smoking weed, are you?

  3. Klay is very underrated. Love that he just accepts his role, and is reliable 24/7. He shows up. Probably the most consistent second to third option in an nba offense in history. Who else can you think of with a talent like his just be content with taking a lower amount of shots?? Day in day out, that spot up corner three is as scary a threat you can think of. Him being on the court opens up so many driving lanes. Unreal character.

  4. There is lot of things I like about Klay Thompson. But one thing I love about him is that he is unselfish with the ball, he let his teammates shine and gets them involved as well. That is a great role player and leadership. Wow awesome player

  5. the flawed statement in the NBA today "klay Thompson shut down defender" what a bunch of bs his man stays going for 30 to 40 on him didnt Damon Lillard put up 50 on him? Kyrie Irving damn near averaged 30 in the finals in which the warriors lost in large part to klay being unable to stop or even slow down kyrie Irving.they don't even think about putting him on labron James that's a miss match

  6. Klay is a splash bro no..11 ?????he is a shooting machine and no he is a phenomenal shooter ??stands and catch and shoots ?plus he doesn't move his legs. When he shoots. ?????????????

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