Watch NBA Donovan Mitchell Notches 40 Points, 5 Rebounds, 6 Assists vs The Suns

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The Utah Jazz defeated the Phoenix Suns 129-97 tonight behind the 40 points, 5 rebounds, and 6 assists of Donovan Mitchell Which players owned the night?

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This NBA’s video is titled Donovan Mitchell Notches 40 Points, 5 Rebounds, 6 Assists vs The Suns and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:04:37, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Dang son, as a Sixers fan (Rooting for Ben Simmons), this dude is scaring me for ROTY
    I still want Ben Simmons to win but Mitchell is prob gonna get it

  2. And that’s the guy my Nuggets traded away for a couple of nobodies. Way to go Denver! Gotta love that front office!

  3. Donovan's landing mechanics aren't very good. He could have knee injuries at some point (but he's still young and his body can take it for the time being). The only good part of his landing mechanics is that he's willing to fall when off balance sometimes. He's also a smaller player, so the risk is a bit less, but he's also taking it to the hole all the time. His heels are always down when he runs (or lands). That means he does have better friction with the ground when moving forward, but it also means he's putting extra wear on his knees.

    In my opinion, Mitchell isn't necessarily a high risk right now for a knee injury, but he IS probably wearing the elasticity out of his knees and a few years from now might become prone to knee injury.

    He is willing to fall when his opponent crowds his space on a jumpshot, but he doesn't seem as willing to fall when he takes a contested awkward layup. He's so focused on the rim that his landing is set to default, and this results in him punching the floor with his heels a lot (Like Rose). If Rose is a 10/10 injury risk (WAS… Rose has cleaned up his game quite a bit since) Donovan is probably a 7-7.5/10… which means I give him 50/50 odds of suffering an achilles or serious knee injury during his career unless he cleans up his mechanics.

    P.S. Dennis Smith is just a shade under Donovan in this regard. His landing mechanics are a bit worse, but he's also smaller and tends to beat guys to the rim instead of forcing his way to the rim.

  4. Wow 2 40 pt games, as well as 4 30+ pt games, in his rookie year, carrying the Utah jazz to 6 game winning streak, 19 pt average. Ladies and gentlemen I think we have our ROTY

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