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Relive the best dunks, clutch shots and more impressive plays of Ray Allen during his 18 seasons in the NBA! Subscribe to the NBA: For …

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This NBA’s video is titled Ray Allen's Best Play From Every Season In His Career and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:04:56, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!



  1. Miami won a that championship because of Ray Allen, who happens to be one of my favorite players of all time. Period.

  2. The early 2000s was rough time for Bucks fans. Lots of stupid moves to save money. Thank God Herb Kohl sold the team, he was a terrible owner.

  3. I was playing NBA 2K14 (with 2004 roster) Allen somehow won MVP averaging 39 pts and carry the Sonics for a title

  4. Ray Allen and cast lead the bucks to the eastern conference finals off masterful three point shooting. Unfortunately a guy named Allen iverson stopped the bucks from facing kobe and Shaq in the finals. I remember how intimidating the bucks were Ray Allen, Sam cassell, Tim Thomas , glen Robinson. They were monsters but they had Allen iverson in the East and he was a nightmare for the bucks. After that run the GM traded ray to Seattle for Gary Peyton and the bucks dynasty was over. The Michael redd era was interesting because he was a scoring machine, but couldn’t produce wins. The bucks were in a black hole for years. Tried to win with Andrew bogut and Brandon Jennings but that was unsuccessful. Now giannis let’s see where this will go

  5. Prime Ray Allen is my favorite shooting guard. He is still the smoothest player I have ever seen regardless of what he is doing.

    He's like a westbrook/curry hybrid. Elite shooting + elite athleticism + underrated handles.

  6. this might be controversial but in my opinion he is a top 20 if not top 15 of all time…… when it comes to favorites he is in my top 5….

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