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Move the Sticks previews the Week 17 matchup between the Cleveland Browns and the Baltimore Ravens. Subscribe to NFL: Check out our …

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This NFL’s video is titled Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens | Week 17 Game Preview | Move the Sticks and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:03:15, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. So Browns fans hate steelers more than the ravens which is understandable since steelers usually always win the division but out of the whole north i hate the bengirls the most, bunch of dirty ass players.

  2. Steelers fans more worried of the Ravens then their own team winning which can be an upset they all over here on the Ravens page as always worried about us

  3. Even if pittsburgh doesn't make it, I don't see the Ravens going into the playoffs deep at all. Either way, if Pitt does make it it's not because we played awesome. It's because other teams helped. That type of team doesn't go far anyways even if we can. Loved watching this season, it was fun. But when hope is all you have left it feels bad man.

  4. Ravens 24 browns 17!!! Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens will prevail against the Cleveland browns!!! Action Jackson baby!!!

  5. I don't get why browns fans care they ain't good enough to make the playoffs anyways….don't be dumb get the better draft pick

  6. I think itll be a very low scoring game. Maybe 14-17? I cant say who wins because both teams seem to be so explosive. And both defenses are amazing

  7. Steelers going to the playoffs ,the Cowboys are paying for the trip and tickets to show them how real men play football.

  8. Cleveland got phucked again by the officials… even with a crappy run defense and even a crappier kicker.

  9. I have mad respect for the Browns after this game. Your going to be good next year. But today belongs to the Ravens.

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