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The Baltimore Ravens take on the Kansas City Chiefs during Week 3 of the 2019 NFL season. Subscribe to NFL: Check out our other …

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  1. See how many times lamar got bailed out by his receivers running back and getting the ball.

  2. This game was like the ravens super bowl against the 49ers, they came back about like 89% and basically dominated at the end, but still lost

  3. Just wanna mention this game was before Peters came, Jimmy Smith & Tavon were both hurt and The ravens best corner missed most of the 2nd quarter when the chiefs scored 21 so… just watch when we have our corners back

  4. This game wasn’t that close. The chiefs had them by the neck nearly the entire game. If the chiefs defense came through in the second half they would have had a three score lead for most of the game

  5. Mahomes v. Jackson is the new Manning v. Brady. This is going to be a fun 10+ year rivalry to watch!

  6. You know you a favored QB when you can manipulate a referee’s decision to throw a flag or not.

  7. Tony Jefferson and Brandon Carr lost us that game, both of them bums are gone. Judon gets a penalty every game. I will be happy when we trade him and give Bowser his minutes. Campbell, Wolfe and the rookie Justin gives us a pass rushing defensive line for the first time in team history we won't have just rely on olb and people don't understand that. Top 5 sack team now. Malik Harrison can do everything CJ Mosley did and can actually cover better which CJ is overrated because of that interceptions against Baker. Tight ends use to abuse Mosley. Queen will be all over Kelce ass and this was before we got Peter's. Decosta was focused on improving our run defense while also building a team to compete against KC. Tyus Bowser and Miles Boykin are my breakout candidates. This is our year. Raven Nation.

  8. Ravens defense trash. Put ravens in a whole early. Ravens skill players aren’t talented enough to play behind from huge deficits. All of his receivers would be 3rd, 4th and 5th options on any other team. Mark Ingram is ok but slow and on his last leg, Lamar made him look better than he actually was… our other running backs would be 3rd or 4th on other teams.

  9. 1:25 makes me a little upset with Chris Jones giving up on the play. He is a hell of player, but it looks like he gave up on the play

  10. Ravens Chiefs part one: 4th an 9
    Ravens Chiefs part 2: A New rivalry
    Ravens Chiefs part 3: MNF (coming soon)

  11. Tony jefferson, maurice cannady, anyjony averett Brandon carr god our secondary was awful with the exception of thomas and Humphrey

  12. $500 million for a lead foot? Just because the Chiefs won their first SB in 50 years? Meanwhile, the Ravens have 2

  13. The only way to stop the chiefs is if you avoid them getting hot. Once they get hot, Mahomes throwing 5 TDs, the defense is gonna be lockdown, and you basically lose all momentum for that game

  14. First of all, let me make one thing clear, Mahomes is without question a better passer than Lamar right now. Lamar is the better playmaker, not QB. But to all these people declaring Mahomes God and saying Lamar can't throw at all or is overrated, get a clue. You don't throw 36 TDs and 6 Ints by accident. And the dude sat out about 8 Qtrs due to blowouts and playoff resting. His ball placement is not as consistent as Mahomes, but the kid has a cannon and can fling it. On the flip side I'd love to see Mahomes with Lamar's WRs. The injured Hollywood Brown was the only Ravens receiver who could possibly make the Chiefs Roster. Not even mentioning Kelce and Williams. Watkins, Hill, and Kelce are all better than Lamar's best pass catcher which is a TE. Hardman and Robinson would be the 2nd best WR on the Ravens roster, and that's if Hollywood Brown was healthy. I'm real curious to see how Mahomes does when he doesn't have players who are able to get the separation his receivers get and make one hand and contested catches on the regular. It's a lot easier to be a gunslinger when you have all the confidence in the world in your pass catchers. Your confidence and decision making can change if that's not the case. The greats like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees have all shown they can make average receivers better, Mahomes was gifted a 10 – 6 team with top skill position talent. Let's see what happens when that team breaks up. Taking nothing away from Mahomes and what he's accomplished so far, truly amazing, but let's not act like he's a one man team out there. Lamar took over a team that had not been to the playoffs in 3 years and was out of the race when he took over at the halfway point in 2018 before he lead them to a 6 – 1 record and division title. He too is amazing in what he's accomplished.

  15. The score indicated a closer game than it was played. That 4th down heave to Roberts was all sorts of lucky with a missed sack beforehand. And the next drive that 3rd and long to Snead. Then on that same drive Mathieu drops a pick in the endzone.

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