WWE – 4& Superstars. 4& fans. 3& buckets. 1& smashed table. …

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Sporati @ WWE’s Social Media update

4?? Superstars. 4?? #WWE fans. 3?? @kfc buckets. 1?? smashed table. #WWETLC


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WWE’s social media post titled 4& Superstars. 4& fans. 3& buckets. 1& smashed table. … is credited to WWE on instagram account wwe and currently has 57903 likes as of posting.

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  1. When I see TLC matches I think of @jeffhardybrand @matthardybrand. These marches have been horrible.for years and you top fan reaction @matthardybrand cant get any time beside squash matches? In a year look back and think what could of been, cause your gonna loose one of the best things in all.of wrestling and you failed him! You failed the fans!!

  2. Truth is… these 4 people are not WWE Fans and you can clearly see that. Probably guys that work for WWE behind the scenes.

  3. KFC is overrated…why can’t they get someone else a try like @popeyeslouisianakitchen or @chickfila. One of them at least got some WAY better chicken than this sorry excuse of fried chicken

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