WWE – Tell everyone you know. We have 2& tomorrow! …

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Tell everyone you know. We have 2?? #TLCMatches tomorrow! #WWETLC

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  1. There is no match on the card that is exciting or isn’t predictable am not even gonna watch highlights especially like how no Owens and Rollins feud ain’t there

  2. Have to say the Stone Cold interview of Goldberg was the highlight of TLC. What does that say about WWR. Just hope NXT candace WWE demo a bad PPV.

  3. WWE shouldn’t have a TLC PPV unless ALL matches are TLC match. Having only two matches (the women’s tag team match the boring one) TLC is NOT a TLC PPV. They could have showed that on Raw or Smackdown.

  4. Why charlotte she can’t wrestle can’t talk doesn’t sell for anyone hurts her fellow colleagues and in general looks awkward

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