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A message from @damianlillard


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  3. How is this greatness? LeBron James: ?Six Finals losses
    ?18-31 record in 49 Finals games
    ?Swept in two NBA Finals series
    ?Shot under 40% FG in five playoff series
    ?Shot under 40% FG in two Finals series
    ?Outscored by a bench player in ’11 Finals
    ?Averaged 5 TOpg in two playoff series
    ?Can’t win titles without a super team
    ?Only 2 rings in Miami after promising 7
    ?0 rings in first 7 seasons in Cleveland
    ?Only beat one 50 win team between ’04-’10
    ?lost to a 36 yr old Tim Duncan in ’14
    ?Lost to Magic team with one all star in ’09 ?Lost to Mavs team with one all star in ’11
    ?Only averaged 17 ppg in ’11 Finals
    ?Only averaged 22 ppg on 35% in ’07 Finals
    ?0-6 in game tying or winning shot attempts in Finals
    ?1 title in 11 seasons in Cleveland
    ?LeBron James 2015 Finals?:
    ?78-196 FG (39.8%)
    ?118 misses ( 3rd most in Finals History)
    ?3-17 FG (17.6%) in the clutch(final 5 minutes score within 5 points)
    ?0-3 on game winning attempts
    ?0 4th qtr points in game 4

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