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How did I do @thenotoriousmma ?? ?


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  1. Maybe work on wrestling. This was like watching someone learning how to box in the 7< age groups I see at my local gym.

  2. Excellent Paige! Slow it down and go through all the defensive patterns now. Catch the bar on the glove as well as hitting. Roll under it. Pull from it. Double the sequences up and mix others in. Catch hit catch. Hit pull hit catch hit. Hit Roll hit roll pull hit. Etc etc. Turn the fist down also ? Knuckles horizontal! You will punch with the fist horizontal in a fight, over vertical, so work as you will fight. Habits worked in the gym become habits in a fight. Although that’s not to say vertical isn’t effective either. Hammer fists are thrown vertical. Also shots thrown from a shelled guard are really effective with the knuckles vertical. Just popped out into the face with no tell. People get wreckless when they see an opponent shell up and thats when you can set them up. They think you are in a shell and bang. Sneak shots out of the guard. Like that toy that springs out of the box. Jack in a box. Although for straight shots At range you will want to turn the fist down into horizontal as you turn your shoulder through the shot. Take your time and build all the correct habits. Think Middle knuckle to the nose. This machine is perfect for you just out of cast also. Good luck ??

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