Watch NFL Super Bowl 52 FULL Game: New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles

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This NFL’s video is titled Super Bowl 52 FULL Game: New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 02:30:07, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. What doesn’t get brought up is the fact philly had 6 players on the line of scrimmage during the philly special. You know what means? They cheated

  2. As a Patriots Fan, I wish I could see the different scenarios of:
    1. How would this game turn out if Edelman was able to play in the game
    2. If Malcolm Butler was in instead of Eric Row
    3. If Brady didn't fumble what would of happened on that drive
    4. If Brady caught that pass
    5. If Brandon Cooks just went down

    Just blows my mind that you can throw for 500+ yards and lose. GG tho

  3. I must confess that I have never seen this game and had no idea that this contest featured the most yardage of any NFL game ever.
    In my opinion, the Super Bowl that had the two greatest teams going head to head was Super Bowl XIII. The defending champion Dallas Cowboys lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers, 35-31. The Cowboys appeared in 5 Super Bowls in the seventies, losing three of them by a TOTAL of 11 points. A few tiny breaks here and there and they could have won all five.
    The Steelers appeared in 4 Super Bowls in the same decade, won all 4 and were rightfully dubbed the team of the decade.
    To me, the seventies was football’s greatest decade with truly great teams in Miami, Pittsburgh, Dallas and Oakland.

  4. About the 300-400 time I watched this. I downloaded it 1st if anyone knows the version, dude rewinded it for like a second when the strip sak hapened. They lostlike a million or more views when they made them few guys take it down. "they have been working" "They have been working"…still remember from watchin so much

  5. if eagles didn’t trade any of these players and swap them out guess what would’ve happened, they’d prob have another ring just like that pats, they didn’t replace, they kept winning. until this SB of course?

  6. Ertz caught the ball at the 7, took 4 steps and a toe drag, dives into the endzone WITH possession

    Collingsworth – "wAs hE a RuNnEr?!?! i SaY nO!"

  7. still not understanding why they let foles go the following season. last season Wentz proved to philly for the third str8 year he's not reliable but is a liability

  8. This is the most entertaining super bowl I’ve ever watched. Next up is Steelers vs Arizona. These other past Super Bowls have been boring

  9. As a die hard Eagles fan, I don’t get the hate for Collinsworth. Think he was fair and called a great game. Did give Brady a lot of credit but he is the goat

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